Island leapfrog

Island leapfrogThe island theme in geopolitics today prestigious. That China expresses protest against another trip to the ridge of the Japanese Diaoyu that in Tokyo incorrectly called Senkaku, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun in response utter something razlyubeznoe not the Chinese, South Korea will establish a monument on the Peninsula Dokdo (Takeshima also the name) and in response to Japan hint at the initiation of the proceedings before the International Court of Justice. In general, anyone who writes hieroglyphs are in a quarrel. As they say diplomats, among them "tensions".

In the middle of the three mentioned most civilized way trying to be Japan. That their opposition, the country's ambassador will dipvnushenie, encroached on another archipelago with minerals, the parrot future appeal in an international tribunal. Another Japanese activists seldom dare to get to a tiny island, so to speak cool breeze — with an eye to the fact that there are no near Chinese ships — a little speech. And even in this case, civility prevails, when a half weeks ago back in the day off a few Japanese posada on the shore of the island, included in the ridge of the Senkaku in the East China Sea, there to establish a national flag, these guys have detained a Japanese customs. Near just had three ships of the Japanese Coast Guard. Guards maritime order not confused by the fact that the group of activists were members of parliament and politics. One law for all.

Another thing — the Chinese or South Koreans. As the first and the second to refer to their own territorial claims island smuschyayutsya not be definitive, and by the standards of modern political etiquette even rude. The Chinese may believe that once their economies are growing (and military might, too), and the Japanese — is stagnant, then there is nothing to stand on ceremony with its neighbors. Especially since there is only one correct point of view on the issue — the Chinese. If we approach the question from this side, and then the question, you see, does not exist. The debate and the courts are unnecessary. That's the wisest Chinese policy.

When Japanese activists to the flag (who came to "own" peninsula, By the way, in response to a visit to its Chinese) visited the "Chinese" areas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China made Tokyo formal presentation — in connection with the illegal invasion of people Tipo Land of the Rising Sun the disputed Diaoyu Islands. As posted on the website of Beijing Foreign Ministry statement referred to acts of Japanese activists "illegal invasion of the Chinese territory." Seen as parliamentarians and politicians of the island was not interpreted differently as undermining Chinese sovereignty. In a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang and was told: "The Foreign Ministry of China has made a formal presentation of the Ambassador Land of the Rising Sun in China, and expressed strong protest and demanded the Japanese side to finish the acts that undermine China's territorial sovereignty. " In short, do not climb, the residents of the country of the rising sun, the age-old Chinese land.

In the middle of informal action is necessary to note the Chinese nedavneshnee tearing off unknown face of the flag from the machine ambassador Land of the Rising Sun China. Most likely, the patriotic person and remains unknown. The car is said to have been attacked because of the fact that Tokyo has decided to buy four of the five islands of Senkaku in some sovereign Kurihara, which they seemed to belong to, and all that he Kurihara regarded as a joke. About "Secret" negotiations Government with the family, which owns the island Tipo, today the whole world knows.

Protests broke out in China over the "redemption" is not suppressed by the government (which, for example, in America, speak as totalitarian). Nothing like this: Chinese people got every right to express their will. He expresses — outraged at how they are residents of the country of the rising sun are going to buy from some Japanese Chinese land. No need to be 7 rocket scientist to realize that people's protests against the government claims — is a warning to all the neighbors, especially Land of the Rising Sun, also U.S.. At the demilitarized after the second world war land of the rising sun, there can be of the massive military capability, which has a rapidly growing China, a numerical superiority is not worth a read. As for America, the potential for conflict with China on the side of the Allied land of the rising sun at the moment it is not necessary: in-1's, on the nose elections, in-2, wage war in the Pacific from the Yankees do not really go out, and in- 3, the United States is currently engaged in Syria tightly, and still thinking about Iran. Rock the boat in such a situation to China? .. Would do that not even the smartest in the world of a young man named Mitt Romney.

Yet Americans agree well with his nose in the island Sino-Japanese dispute. Island leapfrog, in which are involved not only in China, Japan and South Korea, and a dozen other local countries, gives a good reason to build a South American presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Obviously, strategic plans, white houses, Obama signed first in 2012, did not like the newcomer candidate planetary hegemon — China which, specifying the disputants and America the place to yourselves, July 24 announced the completion of construction of the town on the peninsula Sansha Woody (otherwise referred to as Yongxing or Fulam).

As long as the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan have expressed, like the land of the rising sun courteous, verbal claim to this land in the 13 square meters. km in the South China Sea, China it has been called, "staked", populating tyschey Chinese and bringing back the military garrison — to protect an update and a bit stretched out its southern border.

From strategically profitable Sanshui Beijing is going to manage the marine territory in the hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. South China Sea is rich in hydrocarbon and are not deprived of fish resources. That's why the head of the local branch of the Communist Party of Luo Baoming said"The government will work to Sanshui reincarnation into an important base for the protection of China's sovereignty."

South American State Department is, of course, did not like. From the U.S. to China heard voices claiming responsibility for undermining Beijing's efforts to diplomatically resolve disputes in the region and discharge tension there. China did not keep quiet: America was told to shut up.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in response asked the United States to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country (by which assumed and extended for one city in a sea of Hainan Province). A newspaper "People's Daily" simply proposed Yankees shut my mouth: "Statement of the American side confuses right with wrong, misleading the public, sends the wrong signal, and must be fiercely refuted. We can just roar USA: Shut up. "

Similar coarse rhetoric in island issues shared by the South Koreans.

August 19 The Republic of Korea establis
hed on one of the 2-Dokdo (Takeshima), which are claimed by Japan and the monument: stone height of 1.2 m, on the face of which the inscription "Dokdo" and on the back — "The Republic of Korea." On the side is an inscription about visiting the islands President Lee Myung-bak. At the ceremony to install the stone Minister of Government Administration and Security Myung Hyun Kyu said: "Monument to Dokdo, which expresses the will of the people, will become the emblem of Korean sovereignty and eagerness to defend the island."

Living in the country of the rising sun in his own courteous demeanor geopolitical disputes gently made objection: that the Koreans gentlemen, if such a thing, let's make out the question of the ownership of the islands in the International Court of Justice.

But the Koreans refused to plead. And for what? In their opinion, to sue over the island — is like a guest otsuzhivat your home. And RK replied Land of the Rising Sun refused, finding raised the question "is not worthy of attention."

Peace-loving and civilized people of the country of the rising sun from that arrogant response offended. Yet they are not rude to have sunk, but simply stated that he would visit their neighbors on the humane tribunal in which and decide whether the right to Korea Japanese peninsula.

All of this squabble over minerals found near some islands, such as the Diaoyu (Senkaku they are the same), and for the rich fish resources in general and for the control of sea water, might end appears to be the establishment of one's hegemony in the region. Someone from the number of those who thinks and writes characters, there will be major and thriftily rein others; pristrunennym still grumble or shut up, tamed pride to the best times. The Yankees still have to swallow a bitter pill: for a military conflict with growing by leaps and bounds Chinese paramilitary Pentagon go poorly. Yes, and this little tough guy, as a lover of warships Mitt Romney. Why? Yes, because the Americans — first lukavtsy and hucksters, and only later — the military. The brainchild of "Romney Hood» — «Bain Capital», from which he now denies, — the usual South American business model: First create a company at home, employ workers, run and do an effective plant, and then teach the Chinese and the conversion of production facilities in the Middle Kingdom, where people are willing to work in the morning till night for a couple of pale green pieces of paper.

U.S. is very dependent on China economically, that cheeky strum the instrument. And the Pentagon's budget is reduced. Because the island theme from America will vary only in a diplomatic manner — until then, as long as China does not become quite the master of the APR. And there already and will have nothing to diversify. Japan courteous tolerate impolite to China.

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