ISRAEL drones started creating «invisible»

Companies in the defense industrial complex involved in the creation of Israel «huge respect» UAV with extensive use of stealth technology, reports Flightglobal familiarized with reference to the source. Creation drone, namely state-owned company engaged in Israel Aerospace Industries, formerly create more surveillance drones Heron and Eitan.
Currently, Israeli companies are involved in a number of programs related to the development of stealth technology, leading to a large extent in the United States. Acquired production and plan to use in a new machine. The need for unobtrusive bespilotnike Israeli Air Force is very high, since the military has to operate on the ground adjacent countries with varying degrees of banning air access.
Namely, as the Flightglobal, Israel attributed to destruction of a nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007, as the application of 2-strikes on targets located deep areas of Sudan. According to another source publication, Israel is developing an unobtrusive drones since mid-1990s. The company IAI comment on this information.
Currently, several states of the world are building stealth drones. Namely, the U.S. develops deck unit X-47B and already use RQ-170 Sentinel, England — Taranis, and France — nEUROn. Similar work is also underway in Russia and India.

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