Israelis prepare test «killer» Arab missiles

Israelis prepare test
«For every rocket fired from Iran we stashed Arrow»
Israeli scientists and military is preparing to test a missile defense system Arrow-3, which can be a real ace in the defense system of the Jewish state, especially against Iran.

Two-stage rocket — joint development of Israel Aerospace Industries and the Boeing Co. .

In the coming days of tests will be carried out the latest anti-missile system. The tests have been postponed for a year. Chapter applets Arrow Itzhak Kaya says that the new complex will be a major component of a multi-level missile defense system.

All subsystems are already tested a missile complex. Be the test of the entire complex, with the launch of anti-missile missiles. Second stage of the rocket allows Arrow-3 fly twice more than its predecessor, Arrow-2. The new complex boasts even greater maneuverability, and covers a huge area of ​​4 times than the Arrow-2, reported Israeli portal

The main component of the system is not so long ago proven fundamentally new radar EL/M-2080 Green Pine, made by Elta Electronic Industries. Radar has sharply raised the possibility of early detection and destruction of enemy missiles.

A leading expert on missile defense in the Middle East Uzi Rubin says: «I do not know whether every zasekut issued by us rocket. 100 percent conviction never have. But for every missile fired from Iran we stashed Arrow «.

First Arrow complexes were placed in 2000. There are very few two batteries, covers one of Tel Aviv, the second — the north of the country. Arrow-2 is considered the second line of defense. Arrow-3, the first line of defense, the system must shoot down missiles as possible closer to the launch site.

Third line of defense — the system «Metal Dome» — Only tested in combat criteria. During the final confrontation with the terrorists in Gaza system hit 75% of the issued missiles.

Alexey Dmitriev

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