Italy: want a girl? Lose weight!




The sex of the child depends on the weight of the woman, according to Italian researchers. Experts from Modena, analyzed 10,000 births found that lean the fair half often give birth to a girl. "Frontier" the researchers is the weight of 54 kilograms at the time of conception. One hundred girls born to women of that weight, for 98 boys. In contrast, among women whose weight exceeds this figure, a hundred girls born 110 male babies. The study's authors admit that they expected such a result. Recently, their American counterparts have traced a similar relationship between the weight of mother and calf sex with animals. Furthermore, it was found that during drought or starvation are born typically a female. As for the people, as stated by researchers from Modena, the chances that a boy is born, grow, if conception has occurred in the fall. If the child was conceived in the spring, it is more likely that the light will be a girl.

Battery News, 02.03.2004 15:52
Source: PCH

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