Izhevsk has flowed out of the tap water is rotten


Photo from: izh.ru.

8.08.11.S late last week to the Editor "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has received several calls from outraged residents of Izhevsk.

Readers reported that the tap again ran "rotten" water. This is especially noticed the Leninsky district residents and the Borough of metallurgists. The situation is repeated again last year?

It is worth noting that only recently were spotted brown spots on the city pond. Specialists said that blame the mass death of blue-green algae. These spots could get into the water reservoir and treatment plant. Measures have been taken in order to prevent the situation. Also in June Izhvodokanal increased doses of reagents that were rid water of noxious fumes.

But, according to the analysis of Rospotrebnadzor number of blue-green algae in the pond above normal in two to three times. And with so many algae reagents will be difficult to handle. We decided to investigate the situation and sent a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Udmurtia, in order to understand the situation.

Dear readers, in your home tap water smells?

Alexei Ivanov

Source:   KP.RU — Izhevsk

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