Kabbalah reached academics




Pseudoscientific gibberish intended to complete and definitive description of all physical reality

Natalia Leskov

The new version of the Kabbalah — is when the mystery is closely intertwined with the scientific terms.

The fact that many of the celebrities of this world — Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Stella McCartney addicted to the mystical teachings of Kabbalah, perhaps, it is no secret. Madonna even wrote books on the subject, telling how drastically changed her life for the better, and all thanks to the fact that one day she became a diligent student of Israeli academic Philip Berg's Kabbalah. Popularity teachings around the world is enormous, capital at the disposal of the leading kabbalists of the world, measured in billions of dollars. It is no wonder that under this head twitched even the walls of the Russian Academy of Sciences — institutions almost unshakable.

Recently, the Moscow House of scientists even took a round table discussion on ways the science of Kabbalah. Its participants were reputable scientists, for example, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Kovalchuk, Professor Sergei Kapitsa, PhD Vadim Kazyutinsky. But the main figure has specially arrived from Israel scientist Dr. Michael Laitman. Topic of the round table is academically sound boring, "Enrichment of scientific forms of knowledge in the age of globalization."

Michael Laitman, a former geneticist from St. Petersburg, said he had investigated the Kabbalistic materials for more than 30 years. Words, it is easy to fly from the lips of the Kabbalist, the characters resemble dictionary "Kin-za-za": there were "patsaks", "yatsilopy", "gravitsapu" … And here — "Sefirot", "Atzilut", "Yetzirah" and "Taboureau." In order not to seem impolite, scientific luminaries listened report and asked questions.

When trying to figure out what exactly is Kabbalah comes unimaginable confusion. It turns out that every interpreter understands it differently. The handbook religions of the peoples of the world can know what it is — "an offshoot of Judaism, built on the mystery cults and rituals." Adherents of Kabbalah perceive a special meaning in every letter and figure contained in the Old Testament, particularly decipher them, turning more or less coherent text is vague, but very showy chants and spells. The Kabbalists call this gibberish sonorous prayers and believe that if you say them out loud and large groups, then welcome to the world of abundance, and evil will retreat. Add to that a variety of charms, red cords and threads, tinctures and lighting effects, which are abundant in Kabbalistic attribute — it is clear why it is here stretched show business stars.

However, the Lightman's different: no rituals and talismans. Kabbalah, he argues, is prohibited. If you look, he offered his version of the Kabbalah, where mysticism is intertwined with scientific terms. Although one of the science does not make it.

"Kabbalah does not contradict the laws of modern physics — says Lightman. — For example, quantum mechanics: Einstein saw it as a temporary means acting only until such time as the scientists will have a complete description of reality. Just the image is of the quantum mechanics of Everett. One of its main axioms — the concept of branching in the interaction of the observer and the object. At each measurement the universe splits into a number of new, forming an infinite number of twins. So the world — it is an endless chain everettovyh universes. Kabbalah here agree with Everett. From the point of view of this ancient science of reality — not only what we see at the nose or behind the window. It is formed in the information field around the observer in accordance with its internal properties. Kabbalah teaches that the past always, but the future is entirely dependent on the person, but only in the event that it is in contact with the higher data layer. By the way, Nostradamus was a follower of Kabbalah, which is why could not grasp the essence of the upcoming events in the years and centuries to come. "

Professor Sergei Kapitsa said, in effect, what we are experiencing the biggest demographic revolution and spiritual development must be the result of collective efforts of all the inhabitants of the planet, not only physicists and poets. "I do not rule out that the time will come when the next will face ten volumes of Theoretical Physics by Landau and six volumes of classical Kabbalah" — suggested Sergey Petrovich. He recalled that after Niels Bohr, the Danish president of the Academy of Sciences was Professor Peterson — a specialist in the study of the Old Testament texts.

Speech by Sergei Kapitsa in support of the mystical teachings — a startling fact. A few years ago, he officially joined the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience Academy of Sciences, headed by Academician Eduard Kruglyakov. Academics had a modern inquisition many psychics, clairvoyants, healers and diviners, and at the same time — a serious researchers, whose work does not fit in the box written 50 years ago, textbooks and manuals. Her hair done all of his opponents with the same brush, the committee members quickly figured out what was happening and put forward a powerful argument against all the "miracles": "It can not be, because it can never happen." To participate in the experiments to which they have repeatedly invited academicians of RAS Commission did not find the time.

By the end of the conference remains unclear just one. Of course, science can not wait to move forward by leaps and bounds. The fact that some one hundred years ago seemed impossible — for example, a plane or a missile — it has now become a familiar reality. Why not set new goals? Only here the part about Kabbalah? Or is it the famous Moscow hospitality?

"Kabbalah can not be called a science, as it would be desirable to its apologists, — the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University. MV University Vadim Speranskii. — According to the principle of falsification developed by the historian and philosopher of science Karl Popper, any science can be subjected to critical scrutiny by experimentation. If such an experiment can not be delivered, either now or in the foreseeable future, therefore, we are not dealing with science. The great Danish physicist Niels Bohr about proposed this wording: "Science — is any sphere of activity, where the object can be observed or experimentally investigate it." It is easy to guess that the Kabbalah has no similar objects and, therefore, may be attributed to the serious phenomena of human culture, worthy of study, but not to the scientific disciplines. Designations used in Kabbalah — it's not scientific terms, which always have an absolutely clear, rational sense. It spells bearing some mystical information. "

What is the secret of the popularity of this teaching? Why it has the support of not only the stars of show business, but also some reputable scientists? Do not they realize that they are "powder brains?" I believe that it is — a conscious action aimed at the destruction of the intellectual potential of our country, when instead efristiki — the language of science — we imposed occult gibberish disguised as some kind of ultimate truth. You should not give in to such provocations.


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