Kaliningrad under the bus hit the ball lightning


10.08.11. -8 August on the road Kaliningrad Sovetsk a bus with German tourists got a fireball.

About this "Klops.Ru" said chairman of the association tourism enterprises Kaliningrad Tamara Toropova.

"A group of German tourists came to us on August 6. They had prepared an extensive "nostalgic" program: excursions to Kaliningrad Svetlogorsk Chernyakhovsk, "- said Tamara Toropova.

On that day, a group of 19 German pensioners rode the bus from the Soviet. On the road, 30 kilometers from Kaliningrad are caught driving rain.

"No thunder, no lightning, we have not. It was therefore a surprise to us was the appearance of the bus near the antenna in white-yellow ball of light "- said Tamara Mikhailova guide that accompanied the tourists.

After a while, she said, the ball "flowed" on the bus windshield, and then met again in the electronics. At that moment there was an explosion, which resulted in all electrical hardware failure.

"No one was hurt, but scared, even a grandmother sucked German folk song, — said Tamara Mikhailova. — And when they all went out of the bus and saw the fireball broke the wheel. "

For German tourists sent another bus hit by lightning car brought into service.

Source: Klops.Ru

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