Kazakhstan: the attack of FMD is not completely repulsed


3.02.12.Kak Paradoxically, the desire to go to the international market of meat products has become an indirect cause of the outbreak of FMD in the area Urjar

This was discussed at the briefing on the Elimination of epidemics.

Today in the foci of infection removed all sick animals: 1137 head of cattle and 1886 — the flock. The last case of FMD was registered on 5 January. Now Urjar area quarantine. According to experts, if there is no new outbreaks have been registered, it will soon be removed. However, even after the quarantine area will be under special control for another six months.

As the head of the Committee of the territorial veterinary inspection and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture Kenzhegazy Toktasyn, the cause of the epidemic has become commonplace underestimating the situation:

— Last year we had abolished the FMD vaccination and a number of diseases as well as the region plans to increase export potential. For this stock shall comply with all WTO standards, the Customs Union. These rules shall be supplied meat from vaccinated animals.

Starting this year, decided to resume the vaccination.

Pressing is the question of damages owners infect cattle. Now the population is selected compensation in the amount of 62 million tenge. But, as Kenzhegazy Toktasyn, this figure is negligible. He finds it difficult to name the approximate amount you plan to pay local residents. Reimbursement will be calculated individually on age, physical condition, number of goals for each individual case. Accordingly, the owners abandoned animals will be given a monetary value, calculated on the market value of the lost cattle. For calculating the special commission. The data obtained will be requested appropriate money from the state budget.

Source: AGRORU.com

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