Kiev in the Transcarpathian region fell orange snow!




In the villages of the Pacific and the STCA Velikobereznyansky district, Transcarpathian region last night fell orange snow, snow depth is 5-10 cm Told "Rosbalta" According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine. Due to the unexpected phenomenon of nature urgently convened commission on industrial and environmental safety.

Meanwhile, back in the resurrection of the "orange" snow fell in the east of Poland, gave Polish television TVP1. The assurances of the Provincial Environment Protection Inspector Bieszczady County Mary Suchy, this snow is non-toxic and dangerous to humans is not, but it is advised not to use water from wells. Snow taken on microscopic examination, the results of which will be announced in a few days. Polish environmentalists claim that the cloud with colored snow came with neighboring Ukraine.

Battery News, 07:57 25.02.2004
Source: Rosbalt

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