«Killer radar» admitted to production

Speed ​​anti-radiation missile AGM-88 HARM successfully passed tests within applets HCSM, which employs over spetsy company Raytheon.

HARM missile was used extensively by the U.S. Army in all conflicts past 30 years. This instrument is in service with eight states and showed the highest efficiency in the suppression of air defense. The program of modernization HCSM make better properties AGM-88 and will allow to destroy the new radar systems.

Tests confirmed that the newcomer modification missiles more accurate and reliable, and with all this causes the least consequential damage. As part of the exercise, there were two flight tests HCSM HARM. During the first F-16 fighter fired a missile on this goal and struck her with all this guidance system tried to confuse similar goals-radio-emitting lures. During the second test, used in rocket HCSM mode defeat at one point appeared to lack of objective criteria in time, using high-precision guidance according to the GPS.
First, HARM missile designed to defeat radar of early warning radar defense systems and artillery. Modification HCSM got a GPS receiver and an advanced inertial navigation system, which allows a high precision even hit small targets, which ended the radio emission. HCSM also armed with onboard computer that connects voedinyzhdy navigation and guidance system. This increases the possibility of getting better and allows you to choose the line of movement of flight to the target. The missile is armed with a multi-mode fuze providing undermining warhead at a certain time — regardless of the type of striking targets. In certain cases, for example when the enemy anti-aircraft missile complex is located in a densely populated area, it may be off the fuse and only defeat the purpose of the kinetic energy of a flying rocket.

Start full-scale production the latest modification of the rocket is scheduled for 2012. AGM-88 HARM has a range of homing mode 48 km (previously known Cannon — up to 150 km), the weight of the warhead is about 66 kg, 363 kg weight of the rocket, speed — more than 2 M.

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