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In the summer, Moscow will host the Congress of phenomena

Some psychics pierce through human eyes, as x-rays.

In early February, we talked about the 17-year-old Natasha Demkina from Saransk, which is the one person passes through a glance and provides error-free diagnosis. Its arrival to the Editor "KP" we expect for spring break.

And often there are such people in general, X-rays? No, not often. According to Professor James Halperin, director of the Russian Research Center of Traditional medicine in this country each year are born one at a psychic to 50,000 people. But not all of them are X-rays. And retain the gift of life to the end of the unit. But at the moment, as the Center's specialists have assured us, about a hundred people in Russia X-actively "work." We need to find only. His address psychics scientists tend not allowed. And after the survey "disappeared." The archives Halperin survived only a few addresses to which we are now trying to track down the wang and Messing.

In addition, we — the editors of "KP" — have decided together with the VNIC Traditional Medicine and the International Academy of Sciences proskopicheskih (proscopia — it's clairvoyance. — Ed.) Congress held in Moscow psychics called "People-view X-rays pierce Russia." Agreed to help the director of the Center, MD, and James Halperin of Psychology and Vice-President of the Academy, Doctor of Medical and Technical Sciences Andrew Lee. The objectives of our grand event are simple: a) to find scientific evidence psychic abilities, and b) to arrange mass screening diagnosis and treatment of our readers.

In the meantime, we will introduce you to the future, "the delegates' congress.

He Putin seen! Through

Psychic from Kiev to "light up" the presidents

Konstantin Sergeyevich Poludnitsin — Candidate of Medical Sciences. As a child, he noticed that he could see where a person hurts, and the main thing — to understand why. He graduated from the Kiev Medical University. Since 1990, became a practicing psychic. Who is welcome in Kiev. Diagnoses to any person for 5 — 8 minutes. Over 14 years have passed through his hands 18,000 patients. His psychic abilities investigated in the laboratory of the Interdepartmental Centre of Clinical Immunology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Checked as Konstantin affects the blood cells of humans and animals. Conclusion shocked experts. He not only put an unmistakable diagnosis, but mentally and strengthens the immune system of a person twice, and also inhibited the development of tumor cells. Konstantin can diagnose and photographs. We asked him to "light up" a few celebrities.

In the third of GDP cracked left rib

— Putin I "see" the thyroid hormone imbalance. The enzyme required to digest food — in excess, and the hormone helps to remove excess calcium from the body — lack. But the president has a very strong stomach. It is said that man is nothing and no one is afraid. Krupny sand in both kidneys, particularly in the left. Although I must say that this age is very little. Small grains in the left lobe of the prostate. Expressed prostatitis is missing, so for his age, with a potency all right.

Many years ago he had a bad fall, after which there was a longitudinal crack the third rib on the left. She still sometimes makes itself felt under the left breast — aches. Not everything is in order with the loin. 7th cervical vertebra, as well as 1 — 2 nd thoracic and 4th lumbar vertebrae have the wrong position. Worried insomnia 2 — 5 nights per month. This is due to the new moon and full moon periods. Sometimes it is a headache that occurs when the output from the liver bilirubin mucus. Putin is very dangerous for the end of 2004 — beginning of 2005: in this period, he should especially take care of personal safety, and the first outside of Moscow.

The heart of George W. Bush is wrong

— Bush has twisted 3 — 4 cervical and 4 — 5 thoracic vertebrae. Sometimes the left foot, which he sprained his many years ago, it hurts at night. Suffering sinusitis. As his adrenal glands are not in order, then it supports the function of some drugs. Thanks to these medicines Bush handles stress well. However, because such treatment in the U.S. president often jumps up blood pressure and increased liver. A weak heart, broken function pericardium (pericardial) holding the heart in the right position: it is moved forward by 1.5 cm to the left and down, too, at 1.5 cm less than a year ago, Bush was microinfarction, which was not mentioned anywhere. Doctors who follow the president's health should pay attention to thrombosis of the left lung — in the middle part of it, closer to the heart.


"They" see "the action currents"

MD Paul Kovalchuk:

— Psychic ability is most often seen in people with innate unstable nervous system. Maybe in their minds comes more information than ordinary people. Therefore, what seems to us, for example, foresight, they would be a natural vision.

Candidate of Technical Sciences Alexander Volynov:

— Man — this is the most complicated electrical unit. Psychics "see" the action currents within the body. And somehow able to analyze them and find faults in live electrical circuits. And they — the problem — and there is a disease.


"They make a fool of the people!"

Magician Yuri MOUNTAIN:

— A few years ago I did an experiment. 400 titled magicians diagnosed people hidden behind a sheet. And no one had thought that two of the patients replaced mannequins. And one of them, dressed in a general's uniform, the magi found even women's diseases.

The Chairman of the Commission to Combat Pseudoscience Edward Kruglyakov:

— Moscow recently conducted an anonymous survey of healers of various kinds. It was found that, among these, only three percent have medical degrees! And they thrive. One visit to the healer costs a patient 80 to $ 400.

Svetlana COUSIN February 20, 2004

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