Kudrins resignation — a sign of the split of the elites?

Kudrin's resignation - a sign of the split of the elites?Alexei Kudrin explained to the audience his resignation disagreement with the "overrated" embezzlement of the budget, but the tradition of Russian policies allow commentators to speculate about the more profound background of his departure, right up to the ideological split in the ruling elite.

"In a few months, despite my numerous objections, including the public in the area of economical policy decisions were made, no doubt, increase the risk of the budget," — this, according to the statement Kudrin, the main reason for his departure.
Kudrin said that long ago decided to leave, and "emotions have nothing to do with it." It is, but it does not explain is not completely normal for Russian politics, sonorous and demonstrative manner in which it was issued care.

The head of news agency "Regnum", a member of the Presidential Administration in 2005-2007, Modest Shades considers the main founder of the scandal Kudrin.

"Economical risks associated with inflated first duties in the defense sector and social sector, will inevitably spread to the entire national economy," Alexei Kudrin's statement of the reasons for resignation

"This man is in a paroxysm of grandeur for a moment imagined that here he is at the moment will push their heads against Putin and Medvedev and Putin say: To hell with them, stay, Alex, I love you" — ironically Shades.

Is not forgottenAccording to him, the Washington statement Kudrin that it will not work in the government of Medvedev was so demonstrative attack against the future prime minister, that forgiveness tandem could not.

"The preceding his application, he says, do not exercise, Medvedev and Putin, rubbish, spend-ka in his" United Russian Federation "primaries and decide which one of you head, in the mouth of the Minister of Finance has been bullying, but it did not affect systemic evaluation of professionalism , programs, etc., "- said Shades bbcrussian.com.

Essayist, political editor of the newspaper "Kommersant" Gleb Cherkasov said that the exile Kudrin shows zeal Russian rulers recently trying times to ensure full outer unity and unconditional submission inside imperative structures.

"September 24 will determine the structure of power in our country for the long term. Determine and me. Emotions here completely innocent"
Alexei Kudrin's statement of the reasons for resignation

"The chiefs are very well aware of what lies ahead — a very difficult period, first, from an economic point of view, and in anticipation of it they want to save as much of the resource, which, as it seems to provide unity," — said Cherkasov bbcrussian.com.

Discussions on the views Cherkasova, now will not be allowed even to such an authoritative member of the government, as Kudrin, who worked side by side with Putin over 11 years and has gone through with all this 3-Putin dismissed Prime Ministers.

Conditional conflictThe billionaire and failed favorite party "Right Cause" Misha Prokhorov wrote in his blog on Tuesday that resignation Kudrin confirmed his thesis on the conflict contingent of "conservatives" and "modernizers" in the ruling elite.

"Frame-existing opportunity for me to lead a" just cause "in fact for me was missing. I did not see myself in the role of an artificial term project, in fact defamatory liberal-democratic idea"

"It is clear that the reason for the resignation of Mr. Kudrin is not in a personal conflict with the President, and the conflict of concepts, views on the future development of the country," — says Prokhorov. He, however, this is not entirely sure what constitutes a "conservative" and who "modernizer".

The ideological divergence reads and recognizable Russian economist and a liberal, scientific manager of the Higher School of Economics Yevgeny Yasin.
"It's a split in the elite — can trivialize, but expressive. This is not just about personal likes and dislikes, but of quite fundamentally lines in politics," — said Yasin Interfax, commenting on the resignation of money with a liberal style in the economy and in policy.

Close to the Kremlin political consultant Dmitry Orlov also sees in the care Kudrin sign of ideological differences, but presents them in a completely different.

"This is a conflict Conservatives in the face of Kudrin and more adherents of strong growth, "- said the Eagles bbcrussian.com.

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