Landslide in Astara region of Azerbaijan


19.09.11.Prolivnye rains in the southern region of Azerbaijan caused damage Astara region. reports with reference to the APA, the result of the fact that the water level in rivers and Astarachay Pensarchay rose by 2 meters were flooded private houses, social facilities and cultivated land in the village of Rina. Because the road leading to the village school, was under water, primary school students were not able to come to class today.

The inner court area villager Alyara Maharramova landslide occurred, and his family is now dangerous to be in the house. As a result of the landslide appeared hole length of 20 meters and a depth of 5 meters. 3 more home village Rina faced with this threat.

For disaster relief, the District Commission for Emergencies applies appropriate.


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