Large landslide came down the road in the south of Sakhalin, no injuries

March 29, 2013. Large landslide came down on Thursday morning from the mountains to the highway at the entrance to the village Shebunino Nevel district.

"Snow in the land came down on Thursday at 06:30 local time on the highway Shebunino — Gornozavodsk, 2 km from the village Shebunino. Under the rubble was about 200 meters highway, the height of the rubble at different locations ranged from 1.5 to 2 meters. No one in the dam did not get, "- said the agency" Interfax — The Far East "head of the village administration Shebunino Galina Andriyanova.

According to her, while the two pillars were felled power lines, but no wire breakage occurred. By the afternoon of Thursday buses giving way to the land of debris and snow, power line poles were replaced.

As explained by the director of the agency situation Sakhalin branch of the Far Eastern Geological Institute (FEGI) FEB RAS Nikolai Kazakov, it was a pretty big landslide amount to about 5 million cubic meters.

In his view, this "first swallow" a whole series of possible landslides and debris flows on the west coast of Sakhalin.

"Near Shebunino compactor landslide came down, very big, which brought along the snow on the slopes, which added to his total. Very early for the south of Sakhalin Island landslide, which is rare. He suggests that the rocks in the area moistened, and therefore, according to our estimates, in mid-May — early June on the West Coast, we can obtain a series of mudflows and landslides, "- said the official.

According to him, in 2008, in Sakhalin began abounding cycle, which is associated with the solar activity and lasts 7-8 years. As a result, in the last 3 years on the island intensified landslides. "In this regard, many engineering activities must be carried out very carefully so as not to activate landslide processes. That is why we are in this past winter and were opposed to bookmark large explosive charges in avalanches in the mountains. The rocks in Sakhalin — the weak, the explosions of large charges concussion slopes causes internal local shifts in the soil, which in the spring and summer can lead to the gathering of large debris flows and landslides. On Sakhalin, landslides can reach several hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of soil, "- said the scientist.

According to him, the period of active avalanche danger in the south Sakhalin (For highways and railways, populated areas) is almost over, but in the mountains south of the island high avalanche danger persists, so the output is in the mountains is now extremely dangerous. The gathering of small avalanches on the road is possible in Tomari and Makarov areas.

A large amount of snowfall this year in the mountains south of the island, is now melting, meltwater replenish groundwater reserves, which, according to the scientist, the three-year period of high-water accumulated in large volume. "Landslides can be a challenge this year for the South Sakhalin, and, above all, to the west coast of the island. Landslide in Shebunino proof. It is now possible formation of debris flows associated with snowmelt. What will happen in the summer and fall — is hard to say, "- he said.

N.Kazakov cited an example: at the beginning of June 2009 in the Makarov area (south-eastern coast of Sakhalin — IF) last light rain caused the descent from the mountains of debris flow volume of 20 thousand cubic meters, as a result of spring snowmelt were moistened soil slopes. Sel did not reach to the highway then only because the highway at that site runs on a high embankment. Similar processes can be this year, says the scientist.

In more than 30 communities south of Sakhalin (Nevel'sk, Kholmsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and others) is about 360 debris basins, may have sat get off in the villages themselves. In the coming days, scientists Sakhalin branch FEGI come to study the slopes south of the island for debris flow hazard.

Source:  Interfax — The Far East

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