Laryngitis: Diagnosis and Treatment



For the diagnosis of laryngitis doctor examines a patient survey and, as a rule, it is enough. On examination revealed redness of the throat, which is more pronounced in the area of the vocal cords. Sometimes the mucous visible petechiae. With the development of the inflammatory process may be a viscous mucus and / or crusted with dried mucus. In severe cases, perform laryngoscopy.

Children laryngitis (False croup) must be differentiated from diphtheria. Diphtheria, that is true croup, laryngitis is different from that in younger patients have a plaque on the tonsils and surrounding tissues, and choking occurs gradually, against high temperature, sore throat, increase in cervical lymph nodes.

In adults, the differential diagnosis is carried out with the initial form of tuberculosis, syphilis stage erythema, erysipelas, tumors of the larynx and scleroma — an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Klebsiella rhinoscleromatis.

Treatment laryngitis

First of all, to eliminate the symptoms of acute inflammation, the patient is prescribed sparing regimen: silence, exclusion from the diet of spicy, cold food, no smoking. Well to hot compress on the neck. In the presence of crusts one can pour in larynx 1 gram of oil (olive, peach, sea buckthorn) daily for 7-10 days.

Drug therapy (when strictly necessary and prescribed by a doctor) is anti-inflammatory drugs (antibiotics penicillin, the best in the form of a spray or inhalation).

Treatment false croup is taking mucolytic drugs (thinning phlegm), plentiful drink warm milk, put his neck on a hot compress or mustard. Good effect give hot foot bath (3-5 minutes). It is also necessary to ensure good ventilation and humidifying the air in the room where the sick child. Asthma one can stop reflex by touching the back of the throat with a spatula or a clean spoon. If choking persists, call an ambulance. In the hospital for removal of an attack will hold laryngoscopy with treatment under the mucous membrane of the vocal cords vasoconstrictor. If this does not help, perform a tracheotomy, that is a cut trachea.

The prognosis for the timely treatment the patient to the doctor, and early treatment is favorable. However, in some cases disease becomes chronic.

Treatment of chronic laryngitis is lengthy and not always successful. Mucosal changes in chronic hypertrophic laryngitis can be regarded as a precancerous condition.

The main method of treatment of chronic catarrhal laryngitis are inhaled alkali and oil solutions. For chronic hypertrophic laryngitis method of choice — a surgical treatment that involves removing areas of hyperplasia (overgrowth) of the epithelium and other diseased tissues. Thus, prevented cell malignancy abnormal tissues of the larynx. People suffering from chronic hypertrophic laryngitis, are at high risk of cancer of the larynx, and they must consist in the dispensary.

Treatment atrophic laryngitis is usually accomplished by conducting the alkali and oil inhalations. In the presence of crusts and thick secretions in the larynx one can handle its aerosol containing chymotrypsin.
Along with the treatment of laryngitis to the therapy of inflammatory diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, as a violation of nasal breathing adversely affects the condition of the larynx. Reduce the incidence of laryngitis contribute to prevention of colds and hardening.

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