Laser Hair Removal: check for yourself


When the men, complaining of his grave share, sighing, "You-you shave every day is not necessary!", I want to strangle the mourner. Because my consumption of blades and shaving gel is much more than my "strong" half and use an arsenal of home-Barber also has a daily basis.

This man can not think of a smooth legs shorten the hair in the groin area only when they begin to interfere with himself, and casually show overgrown armpit. But the natural hair growth at the beautiful lady is generally perceived as a flaw. And nothing can be done, we have to deal with it.


My struggle with the "extra" hair began to fourteen years. Over the years, I have tested almost everything — from Dad's Soviet-style blades to creams, wax strips and publicized miracle depilatories. However, familiarity with the latter usually lasted 30 seconds, ended in tears and lamentations to the missing Y-chromosome, which does not allow me to throw a torture arsenal to hell, limiting shkryabanem chin once in two days.

Then I learned that there is a magic process called electrolysis, to get rid of hair permanently (about laser hair removal and then never heard of). True, asking procedure and the consequences of this action, be forced to conclude that the fairy to come up with electrolysis was vile and evil bitch, and better to abandon the terrible experiments on himself.

When the magazines were full of articles about the new painless and effective method of hair removal was nowhere to retreat. Thus began my love affair with laser hair removal.

It is not that the specialist's office I went, nothing about laser hair removal does not know, but the reality was not as rosy as the ads promised. It is one thing — abstract articles in glossy magazines, and another thing — a personal experience.

A session of laser hair removal, with subsequent exposure

Contraindications for Laser Hair Removal

Absolute (Laser hair removal can not be done or useless):

  • cancer;
  • decompensated diabetes;
  • idiosyncrasy of the procedure;
  • very dark skin;
  • blond or gray hair.

The relative (The procedure can be done only after consultation with a physician or after the removal of contraindications)

  • acute and chronic diseases of the skin;
  • Fresh tan;
  • multiple moles in the field of impact laser;
  • varicose veins;
  • tendency to form keloids;
  • cold, flu, SARS in the active phase;
  • allergy in the acute stage,
  • pregnancy;
  • until the age of puberty;
  • Availability burns, abrasions, scratches on the processed surface of the skin.

Do not find yourself contraindications to laser hair removal, I signed up for a session in one of the most respected hospitals. There I was strictly forbidden to sunbathe, use for hair removal anything other than razors, and warned that the day of the X hair will need to shave off (it can be done in the clinic, immediately before the procedure).

Before actually epilation I was offered to do a test on individual intolerance (a few test shots). And then the fun began.

To the question "Why is it so painful?" Girl doctor said that all the sensation of epilation highly individual — some feel nothing, while others cry out loud. Cursing all the world cosmetologists and journalists chorus report feeling of epilation as "a tingling or slight burning sensation", had to ask for pain relief. And the number one frustration — it turned out that this should be agreed in advance, since I'm not the last client of the day, and the fact that the anesthetic gel acted, it takes time.

As a result, pain relief I still did, but on the run, to bear part of twenty minutes, and the phrase "Beauty requires sacrifice" has suddenly acquired an unprecedented urgency for me. We must pay tribute to the master — it did not show my discontent antsy and pause so that you can at least breathe. A saved by anesthesia time it backfired in that the procedure lasted one and a half times longer than usual.

It turned out that I was not the only one "sensitive". First, the bikini hair removal in the most painful, and, secondly, the stories of clinic staff, usually a reaction to the laser depends on what kind of way of dealing with the hair used earlier. Those who have used wax, almost asleep during a session, but the fans razors that have not been high on the nature of the pain threshold, writhing in agony.

In general, when it was over, I, wiping the tears on the face, hastily listened to the recommendations "in the steam room and sauna for three days to go, at least two weeks is not sunbathe, do not take a day epilation hot bath or shower," and walked away with a clear idea that more I will not be back here. However, after four months, I, remembering every minute of mice from a joke that cried, injected, but continued to chew cactus, again entered the familiar office.

The effect of the first treatment was so striking that forty minutes, the pain seemed not such a big price tag. It turns out that before I was a little devoid of human pleasures like spontaneous sex (think stubble is only for men?) And the lack of frequent irritation from shaving.

The second session was not better than the first one, but six months later my name again appeared in the registration book of the office laser hair removal. And the third time the miracle happened. More precisely, something happened that was to come. It was first put sustained for a full hour of the anesthetic, and the hair has become much smaller. As a result, it was painful only in particularly sensitive areas, and the process took only twenty minutes. And not to miss during the term of anesthesia I went and decided to underarms. It turned out that it is not painful and is really similar to the most extolled gloss tingling.

And now, in fact, the exposure. Laser hair removal — a relatively new trend in cosmetics and in the few years that it is used here, reliable information about the process, implications, advantages and disadvantages of a bit. Mainly from time to time doctors word for word repeating what they had heard at the workshops, and workers often describe hair removal pen with their words. The forums dedicated to beauty and health, those who have tried laser hair removal in the literal sense of "the hard way", are divided into two camps: some enthusiastic praise, and the other is called a waste of money. In this case, more often than those who waxed scold expect miracles from it, and just had to know the truth.

Myths about laser hair removal

1. After laser hair removal hair disappear forever


Any trichologist and dermatologist will tell you that even 10 courses of hair removal do not guarantee you absolute hairless, but significantly reduce their number can be after a few sessions. Typically, the remaining hairs become thinner and resemble children's fluff, but after 6-10 sessions to maintain "silk" of the skin hair removal, only one per year.

In general, the truth is this: after laser hair removal hair is not always completely disappear, they just become much smaller.

2. You go out of the office without hair


For very many becomes the discovery of the fact that most of the hair does not fall out immediately and not burned by the laser. The process of "lyseniya" can last up to two weeks. And in the first days after the procedure, in addition, with the treated areas may be difficult to shave off the hair, and because of the loss of stiffness or irritation — even the sharpest razor can not always cope with such an obstacle.

By the way, banning tanning after epilation will tell you, but that discomfort in the area of hair removal can be stor
ed a couple of days, not hours, and can not fail to mention. I personally order amused girlfriend, colorfully describing not held the day after a night of love hair removal.

3. The procedure does not cause any sensations, in rare cases, there is a slight tingling sensation in the treated area


One of the common misconceptions about laser hair removal is that it is a mythical painless. In fact, the ratio of those who are sick and those for whom the terrible mosquito bite, just to name no one can. It all depends on individual sensitivity, color and texture of the hair band hair removal and many more factors. It is better to prepare for discomfort or lack of them rejoice rather than sit back and jump on two feet at the first flash of the laser

But the myth that hair removal done only by women, perhaps the most innocuous. At least from him no one was hurt. In fact, men are more likely to want to resemble the Greek athletes, not a walking coat, so the clients salons and clinics for services which had been on laser hair removal, the stronger sex is not uncommon.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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