Laser surgery glaucoma and cataracts

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Glaucoma and cataracts — a disease of advanced age. Relatively recently, it was believed that these conditions are irreversible — but modern ophthalmology will restore lost vision. On the use of laser in the treatment of glaucoma and cataracts says MD, professor A.D.Romaschenko.

— The most important question bothering most people with glaucoma or cataracts — whether an operation is inevitable? 

— The operation is necessary. Unfortunately, not all of it can be done, but if possible, always be operated. Drops, tablets, these diseases not only heal, but did not even slow down.

— How does it look today is modern, the safest treatment for glaucoma and cataracts? 

— This laser surgery. They are effective, non-traumatic, provide a stable result.

— How is such intervention? 

— In contrast to the usual operations, laser interventions are carried out quickly, the whole process, including a full inspection takes half a day. The operation takes a few minutes and laser treatment — a few seconds.

— What are the characteristics of operations directly? 

— Laser cataract — a technique effective for both mature and immature for cataract. This compares favorably with the intervention of ultrasound surgery (phacoemulsification), which can be applied only in cases of immature cataract. At the same time, patients often come to the ophthalmologist is already a mature cataract, which is accompanied by a significant decrease in vision.

— So should select a center, which operates using a laser? 

— It's not just that. There is a subtlety associated with models of lasers themselves. There are lasers with a special wavelength that is quenched in the eye. This considerably facilitates the patient after surgery.

— Cataract surgery — is difficult operation for the patient? 

— First, in the era of pre-laser cataract operation ended with twelve stitches and a mass of complications, but now it is not. During the operation incision inhalf or two millimeter, seamless, no blood. This significantly reduces the risk of complications, and there is no need for hospitalization — after a few hours, the patient can go home.

— What are the possibilities of the laser in the treatment of glaucoma? 

— In glaucoma surgery as an outpatient. In the eye is very small incision — less than one and a half millimeters. Injected into the eye subtle optical fiber through which the laser beam is carried out and performing therapeutic. This technique is practically excluded complications. The duration of the operation — 2-5 seconds, along with the preparation procedures of intervention takes three minutes. According to information we have, the results of applying this method is very stable, intraocular pressure, even in the first operated by this technique keeps normal.

— What are the achievements in this field abroad? 

— I will answer you this way: we were constantly coming to be treated because of abroad. From Italy, Germany, to say nothing about the former "our" republics. And the ride is not only our former compatriots. Just the quality of our operations is the same, and the price is much lower. We maintain a high scientific level and the high level of their equipment — which in our case is very important.

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