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"Perm evening", 04.12.2003, Perm, n49

* On a visit to Lydia Jankowski I was going to seriously. On building sites found brick, weighed it, washed with soap in the bathroom, wrapped in a newspaper … *

Do not think anything bad, I'm not a murderer and a robber. Just Lydia Viktorovny have the gift of attracting and holding on the weight of different objects — from spoons, forks, irons that and stick to her hands, to bricks and tiles.

Scientists are trying to understand the phenomenon Jankowski, the darkness of the hypotheses put forward. The very "woman magnet" does not recognize them, the explanation of his abilities gives this: to blame the special energy that is concentrated in her body. The Chinese have this inner force called "chi," the Indians — "prana" …

But that's the theory, but what actually happened? To begin with Lydia took "patronchikah" lipstick and put the palm. Blue plastic cylinder hovered as taped.

— And so to …

Lipstick was rolled by hand, but did not think to fall. A similar fate befell a pencil, children's blocks and a bottle of yogurt. The book is in the upright position also clung to the palm of your hand (or inconspicuous adhesive Clip for hocus-pocus out, I can declare!).

Trifles Jankowski quickly tired — went to the weighting. Carved glass dish (1 kg 50 grams, personally checked on household balance) hovered in the air like a flying saucer TURNED edge. We got to the coffee table where we just drank coffee. They took a glass weighing three and a half kilos. I moved away just in case: what if the experiment fails? Lydia V. raised it at arm's length above his head, glass and hands trembling from the strain. Transparent plane behaved obediently — as a sheet of iron with respect to the magnet.

— And you only attract objects hands?

Instead of answering, Lydia took the scissors and put them to his forehead. Scissors if you are stuck.

What is the limit of its capabilities? Lydia can only tame one thing that can lift the usual way.

— For example, a bag of groceries on ten pounds I am — and then to the palm of ten pounds can pull. But, of course, to qualify, must be configured in a special way.

By the way, the talent she found it in the store. Used to come to the box office, and the little thing by hand just does not want to be separated.

— Used to have, I shake quickly.

By education Lidia Jankowska — Russian philologist, while teaching at the vocational school. The children were delighted by the teacher: Even the director of the grade book does not stick to your hands, and Lydia V. — more than once! True, she thought she could read, this is not zabaluesh …

Lydia found a magnetism twelve years ago, after the stress — the death of her grandmother. Not only magnetism. In her family the ability of what is now called clairvoyance, had for several generations. But flaunt their talents in those days it was not accepted. However, according to family legend, the war foresight somehow saved the family: they went out of the house, where he was soon hit by a bomb and neighbors increases. Even today, my mother Lydia, Louise V., in the distance, with no phone, my daughter can communicate: both say they "hear" each other rather than on the mobile phone.
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