Leaving behind Kazakhstan (Strategypage.com USA)

Leaving behind Kazakhstan (Strategypage.com USA)

Our homeland has given an indication Space Agency's own re-accelerate the transition from the era of Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The new plan is to reduce the number of Russian launches from Baikonur from 75 percent to 10 percent by the end of the decade. Our homeland believes that it is very risky to trust Kazakhstan. At the current time our homeland Kazakhstan is paying $ 115 million in year for the introduction of Baikonur (maintenance of which is worth 50 million dollars in year). Many Kazakhs are considering Baikonur as automatic teller machine and at any time of shortage of money they can simply withdraw the funds from the spaceport and the Russians will have to pay.

Three years back Kazakhstan rebuked Russian rocket launches from Baikonur, claiming that they were very dangerous. Our homeland has suffered all military launches at least the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia and gave the Kazakhs have few resources. At the same time, our homeland pinned its hopes Baikonur reincarnate into a huge cash cow means of implementation of commercial launches. As long as it works, but the Kazakhs at any moment can close Baikonur, or deliberately (due to the extortionate demands), or in connection with civilian war.

Who is the greatest Russian platform for launching satellites is still Kazakhstan. Founded Russian Union 1955th year, Baikonur long time been the main Russian space launch satellites. But after the collapse of the Union of Russian in 1991, the year of Baikonur was in freshly Central Asian country Kazakhstan. There he became more expensive and difficult to use for Russia. Our homeland leased Baikonur complex in Kazakhstan of 1991, but at times there are disputes about the criteria for the lease and the threat to the local population of launch accidents. Now these disputes settled.

Our home is in need of Baikonur Baikonur, because it is very effective for certain types of launch vehicles (geostationary, lunar, planetary and observation missions overseas, as all manned missions). However, placing the main launch site on the country of the foreign country is considered as very dangerous. So Makar, Our homeland is building substitution Baikonur in the east area of. The new cosmodrome in the Amur River East will be operational by the year 2015, and all manned gallakticheskie applets will be copied in the 2020th year. By the time our home will be able to turn away from the Baikonur, although the lease contract signed before the 2050 year. Then Kazakhstan will have to offer a very nice environment to restrain Russian Baikonur. If you leave our homeland Baikonur, it will take out or kill all the valuable equipment. There is no reason to leave that could assist rivals launch satellites.

Cosmodrome East was formerly a base of intercontinental ballistic missiles, Free 18, which was closed in 1993, it was under contract for disarmament START. Cupid eventually chosen because of the weather criterion (this is an average of only 50-60 cloudy days per year, dry climate, the lack of strong winds) and the absence of earthquakes. First manned start is not expected before the year 2018, three years after the first unmanned launch. Military launches a large extent remain at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia.

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