Legends and myths about constipation

Legends and myths about constipation.  Drawing from the site www.creapharma.ch

The problem of constipation is very delicate, is surrounded by many myths and legends. Some of them are created and maintained by the producers of some "miracle" remedies for constipation — all kinds of teas for weight loss, "normalizing" caps, jars of "life-giving" plant fiber.

In a review article published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology, compiled data from numerous clinical studies on the problem of regular and smooth bowel movement. Found no verified theory "auto-intoxication" — Suction breakdown products and toxins at a delay of a chair. "Chronic constipation uncomfortable, but not dangerous, which is why many doctors do not treat it with due care. There are many misconceptions about constipation that are without scientific basis, "- writes in an article Dr. Stefan Müller-Lissner of Humboldt University in Berlin. Here are some of the most common misconceptions mentioned in the review.

  • Dolichocolon (elongation in excess of fat gut stored in lumen diameter) is not a cause of constipation. A study of women's study found no difference in the frequency of formation of chronic constipation in patients with long and short gut. Thus there is no need for surgical treatment of constipation by intestinal resection, or simple rounds.
  • Constipation tendency to form independent of body weight and the phases of the menstrual cycle. The observation that women with chronic constipation often undergo gynecological operations is the result of a misconception that the gynecological or pelvic pain is necessarily associated with constipation. Although pregnancy, for example, is still considered a predisposing factor for the problems with the chair.
  • Hypothyroidism does not cause constipation. So — in the absence of other symptoms — a study of the thyroid gland is not indicated for constipation.
  • Patients with chronic constipation can be altered levels of hormones such as glucagon, and somatostatin, but that there is primary and secondary that — until now is not known.
  • More physically active people are less prone to constipation. In the elderly, depression gipodinamichnyh and constipation can be formed, but cause in this case the complex. Excessive physical activity, such as running a marathon, a negative effect on motor function kisheshnika.
  • Addiction laxatives does not occur — either at the receptor level intestine or at the brain (these drugs do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier). Relations between laxatives and an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer is not present. Such preparations can not be a means of reducing weight.

    Legends and myths about constipation

  • Diet low in dietary fiber can not be the cause of chronic constipation. Although many patients this food could benefit, in severe cases, the additional administration of roughage only exacerbates the clinic. The limiting factor in the use of cellulose fibers may be an excess of gases generated during its digestion and as a result, flatulence.
  • If there are no signs of dehydration, excessive fluid intake is not a treatment for constipation.

Summary cause misunderstandings and misconceptions, the authors of the review, blurring the concept of "optimal functioning of the intestine," as measured by a variety of criteria, including frequency and formed stools. Especially when the assessment is carried out on the basis of the patient's feelings, not on the basis of objective data.

Alexei Vodovozov

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