Life after death




Alex Aristanov knows what will happen to us and to the country.
Photo: Anna Korshunova.

The boy began to see the future …

Miracles in the family Aristanovyh started happening recently. Mystical abilities 16-year-old Alex found after the light went on. In the most that neither is true sense. Eighteen months ago, he had to be tested in the clinic. The boy did EEG brain. Boy's heart stopped in the middle of the survey.

Doctors immediately began resuscitation. Alexis was lucky his heart "brought" promptly. But while the boy held on the other side of life.

Alex did not immediately realize that it happened to him. Only when he was brought home, he realized where he was those few seconds August 1, 2002.

— I was floating in the air at the ceiling level. But he himself is not, — says Alexei. — I see myself, and doctors. I looked up. There sky. And then I saw …

The boy pauses in thought for a moment, and continues the story:

— It was God. I just know it! Around it floated thousands of creatures. I do not know, probably angels. — Alex frowns, as if trying to remember something. — God looked at me but did not say a single word. And I feel that everything will be fine and I'll be back. Then they all disappeared. — He sighs, as if sorry he did not stay there.

Over time, my mother Alesha Larisa Alexandrovna began to notice that her son strange things are happening. Something she does not have time to think about how Alesha says it out loud. As if the thought of reading!

And once the mother complained to him severe pain in the stomach.

— Do not worry, everything will be now — calmly said Alyosha.

Indeed, in less than ten seconds, as the pain was gone.

— Treated at home are not going? — We ask Aristanovyh.

— I do not understand anything in medicine — meets Alex. — Just see where in a person hurts. But the diagnosis is unlikely I can, this science is far too complicated, I'm afraid to hurt.

Medicine he preferred radio technology. Without going into the TV can tell where and what the item is burned out. So this year went to vocational school for radios.

During our entire conversation with Alex I was tempted to ask him any question. Finally a case was presented.

— In what city I was born? — I asked, and got ready to faint, overwhelmed exact answer.

— Not in Kursk — instantly replied phenomenon and smiled. — I can not exactly say.

I sighed in disappointment. In part, of course he was right, but that the city's name, then do not say!

The next day had a different experience. Alexei calling cards, which I took out of the deck. Correct answers was ten out of ten. He could not cheat, new maps, nekraplenye, and we were in different rooms.

As predicted Alex Aristanov?

If you believe the words of the phenomenon of the Kursk, in 2005, Russia will suffer from drought. In 2008, according to the U.S. hurricane sweep with such force that will break skyscrapers. And in 2009, is a bright flash on the Sun, which have a negative impact on the ecology of the planet.

No high-profile political scandals and economic turmoil in Russia is not foreshadowed. Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov boy off of a bright future.

The coffin of Anna Pavlovna her daughter was taken to the barn.

…and the old lady came to life and asked for bread and salt

Anna Pavlovna Samarin now knows the answer to the question whether there is life after death. Have. And it's fascinating. At least bored pensioner, who served eight o'clock not the slightest sign of life in the world to not have to …

Health at Anna Pavlovna in her ninety-one years was certainly not very good. For four years she is chained to the bed — completely paralyzed the entire left side. The other day the old woman felt very bad. Refused to eat, just a seagull asked, but did not have time to drink — sat on a cushion and began to turn blue right before your eyes. It was eight o'clock in the evening.

— I brought the tea, and lo and behold, it really is not breathing at all — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" daughter Mary Samarinoy Stefanovna. — I got scared and ran to a neighbor. Crying, screaming, "Help me, darlings, my mother died." At the post office in Rostov gave him a telegram to come soon.

Maria with the neighbors sat beside Anna Pavlovna deep into the night. The old woman was not breathing, her numb hands, feet and head. Disturb the village doctor does not have a girlfriend at night, we decided to wait until morning.

The night came an old neighbor — he volunteered to help put together a coffin. Boards has prepared the Anna Pavlovna four years ago. A neighbor made a coffin for an hour. Studded its blue chintz and a mourning ribbon pinned on top …

Finally the neighbors daughter sent home, and she sat mourn mother. In its half of the fourth, exhausted, became drowsy. Then the dead woman abruptly sat down! When you consider that before the death of a paralyzed grandmother herself could not sit down, you can imagine the shock his daughter …

— Mom jumped like a scalded, pulls his hands to me and whispers, "Docha, give water and some bread slice, but do not forget to salt," — says Maria shocked. — I just did not give myself the ends …

And then rushed to hug my mother. It is alive!

The next morning the villagers (news instantly spread around the village) were pulled into the house Samarova make a miracle. Anna Pavlovna was lying on the bed — very much alive! And told me that she had seen in that light. In any tunnel, it did not fly, and itself and the top is not seen.

— I was riding in a freight train. Train old, cold. I know that the food in the village where she was born, — the village Ezdochnoe Belgorod region — slowly said Anna Pavlovna. — After much from Midway. And then I turned as: where are the food, the old, and the house in Samara on someone threw?

The train is racing, and I think — you have to jump.

Old woman jumped from the freight train at full speed. And ran back to his hut, in a side street workers. At this moment, and woke up.

— The main thing — time to jump off the train! — Laughing her daughter.

Anna Pavlovna's upcoming birthday will be celebrated as the day of her second birthday. Granddaughter bake their specialty cakes that grandma loves.

A ready-made coffin daughter who returned the old woman raised in a barn. Just wrapped up his old rags and burlap to blue calico is not worn out. I wish to God crate her for a long time is not useful.

COMMENT folk healer

Natalia THICK, member of psychotherapeutic league Russia, healer with higher medical education:

— My grandmother was in the borderline between life and death, life processes slowed.

It can be said that the astral spirit of Anna Samarinoy left her earthly body. But the connection is not interrupted between the body and the spirit has remained invisible thread.

Apparently, the old woman holding something on the ground. Maybe she's waiting for spring, can visit grandchildren to say goodbye. When her last wish fulfilled, she umretѕ As a freight train, I know of a similar case, but there's a man, who was between heaven and earth, I saw myself riding in a cart.

COMMENT resuscitator

Professor Alexander Belyayevskoye, head of the department resuscitation of Rostov Medical University:

— Perhaps Anna Pavlovna fell in parabiosis, or in a different way, the state of apparent death, lethargy, slow down when all the processes in the body when falling to near zero palpitations, heat exchange, heartbeat. A person in this state sees vivid hallucinations (that's where the freight train ride. — Ed.). The last case of human parabiotic was recorded 20 years ago. I was personally acquainted with the great Wolf Messing, who as a teenager was able to indulge in the "numbness" in a few weeks.

Because of a car accident Julia was able to overcome the language barrier.


Came out of the coma, to speak in English

In 20-year resident of Novgorod after 9 months of coma, "woke up" the unique abilities

Juliana Dmitrieva remembers with friends rushed to the passenger car birthday to my mother. Everything that happened after that, she remembered only after 9 months.

— We crashed at a speed of a loaded wagon, my friends were killed on the spot … But I distinctly remember the hospital — says the slim brown-eyed girl — doctors and parents. I like the part of all of this while watching.

In the intensive care unit Juliana spent 40 days and never regained consciousness. Doctors urged her mother: she would never be able to breathe independently. Let's disconnect from the ventilator. My mother did not give her consent. It's been five months. And she persuaded doctors to carry Ulyu home.

— I fed her from a syringe — says Hope. — Then we learned to breathe. And then there was the hardest thing — to learn to walk again. But we passed it. And then one day went and spoke Ulechka.

It can not be stopped. The girl talked and talked for hours.

— You know, the most amazing thing — a happy mom says — that Ulechka some time after his miraculous awakening began speaking in English. At school she has on the subject results were average.

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