Life on Mars is found, but the Americans again its hidden




Journalists covering the work of the current U.S. mission to Mars, full of vague doubt that the rovers have made a sensational discovery, which is kept secret from the public. The reason for such thoughts was the fact that the experts Laboratory in Pasadena, of which the management of the Mars rovers, flew to Washington to report to the authorities of the United States' information of extreme importance "- this is the agency" Reuters ". What lab employees are going to report in Washington — is unknown, but journalists are paying attention to what took place in the traditional weekly Monday press conference in Pasadena, which usually report in detail on the expedition and the new frontiers reached Mars rovers, this one was held at the surprisingly brief and dry. Assumptions are built very different, but basically all suggest one thing — life on Mars is found, but the Americans are not ready to report this earthly world.

The United States have long had the reputation major hoarders information about that life exists not only in the world — all ufologists since the late 1940s, completely convinced that the CIA in secret laboratories is still stored and examined the corpses of the aliens that crashed near the town of Roswell , New Mexico. If we believe that "it is for certain information," then wait to the U.S. rulers have announced just found life on Mars, of course, impossible — it is also likely to be sent to the most reliable safe CIA in order to avoid misunderstandings. However, the United States has and other space mysteries reputation — and that is that all of their main space achievements actually a Hollywood production. However, about Martian expedition that has not yet spoken — probably the journalists are not in the mood. So in the course of running the version of its hidden secrets.


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