Lightning burned a hole in jeans resident Pinsk district


4.08.11.V Pinsk district four people hit by ball lightning. It happened on Sunday in the village of Malaya Plotnitsa that fifty kilometers from the district center, about 17.00.

Locals buried his elderly villager and sent to the graveyard for a memorial table. Suddenly it began to rain, and the people decided to ride out the bad weather at the bus stop.

Total sheltered refuge six. Some sat on the bench, the other stood. Just at this point to stop the fireball flew.

Four villagers, three men and a woman, collapsed to the ground almost at the same time, some of them lost consciousness. Two other villagers, whose natural hazards were not affected, rushed to the opposite stop shop where called an ambulance and told the relatives of victims of the incident. Male retirement age, he sat on the bench alone and suffered less from the medical examination refused. His fellow prisoners, a woman born in 1947, and men 32 and 34 years old, grandson planted in a car and drove toward the ambulance, was on his way out of the city to the scene. The village Lysche victims boarded the medical car. They were taken to the central hospital in Pinsk.

According to the deputy chief doctor Andrei Navumchyk, on Monday morning, the condition of all three patients was judged satisfactory and did not cause concern. Woman seen in the Department of Cardiology, the older man, suffered burns left thigh grade 4, placed in trauma, burns his countrymen with the first day of the neck was in intensive care, then it is also going to translate to the trauma.

With injured Nikolai Sidorevich journalist "Vecherka" was able to talk to the hospital.

— Sergei and I were sitting on a bench Hilyutichem next — says the young man. — I distinctly remember a fireball the size of a small ball, it moved through the air straight at us. What to do in that situation, we did not know, and had no time to think. The blow fell in my left shoulder. Half of the body just numb. When I was raised, I could not step on his left leg, he could not rely on his left hand. It was very painful. Thanks to doctors ambulance on the way to the hospital did cauterized.

At the hand of Nicholas burns not, though below the elbow sleeve shirt bankrupt. Went down over her shoulder out the electric charge went through the thigh. Further electrically conductive metal structure was a bus stop. Jeans in exit charge charred and the huge gaping hole.

Often encounter with ball lightning for human ends in death. Minor Plotnitsy residents in this sense lucky.


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