Lightning incinerated a woman with a cow near Zhitomir


28.07.11. "Tragedy occurred in the village of Krasnoselka (Chudnovsky district).
"A woman, seeing the heavy clouds that were moving quickly, went to the pasture, which was for her personal plot to take a cow," — said the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Zhytomyr region Sergey Ulanov, UNIAN.
Storm broke out at a time when 56-year-old led the cow home. Lightning hit the chain, which was attached animal. Discharge instantly killed the woman and the animal. In the MOE noted that this is the third case of human lightning defeat last week.
July 19 in the Zhytomyr region of lightning killed a woman, was also injured her husband. July 21 near the village town of lightning killed 21-year-old boy. July 25 lightning strike sent the 9-year-old boy in intensive care. '
Source: AIF.UA

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