Lightning stampeded by gardeners in Ulyanovsk


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2.08.11.V late June sky struck the large mass of rain and hail.

Every day, not without thunder and lightning like Zeus 'thunder', according to legend, punishing people for their sins against nature, godlessness and damage the environment.

My Friends gardeners returning from Elizavetino, slander me so that I immediately wanted to take up the recorder and get to the core of the rare earth phenomena. Especially, around the still ongoing research and the "pseudo-scientific" research and interpretation. It is a fireball. As an amateur, is limited, mainly retelling what he heard from neighbors of the site.

So, experienced gardener Yuri Kryuchkov tells how the 29th of June in the 11th hour of the day, in the rain and storms it is located within the tea drinking to his house. But before this enjoyable experience out the door to see how it works stistema to capture rainwater for irrigation, "pipeline" from gutters, pipes and three barrels. Fill the bucket, bathroom, wet through, and came back and immediately reached for the thermos of hot to some tea.

— You know, pour tea and suddenly, like crack! — Demonstrates an eyewitness. — I instantly became deaf and did not understand what was happening … Just heard the door hit the big tremendous strength. And through the cracks covered with my small and large doors, erupts like an ellipse "body," a bright, blinding … When disappeared, I looked and was stunned! With cod orange ball shot up straight to the house of a neighboring plot Churin.

Yuri has seen, like a fireball rushed under the base of the structure, and "a walk" inside, explosion eversion piece roof. Leaped high up chips, pieces of felt like … Breaking free from under the earth glowing ball splash mud wall like stucco. A viewer of the "aggression" unknown was not myself.

While he was moving away from shock, "ball" for a while the terror of gardeners in the area. At arm's length in front of Lydia hovered Yashnov frozen on the porch, feeling the hot breath of the "object." Her neighbor Larisa is red hot "something" was knocked down either air wave, or the power of magnetism. Glowing "mini-moon" to have noticed that day, many gardeners vacationers.

Next to Yuri Kuznetsov I tried anything available, according to the witnesses, the picture object (see photo). How plausible turned judge, of course, do not presume.

I myself am a teenager saw something similar in excess during his stay in the village. "Balloon" with a soccer ball in a stormy hour into the house through the chimney. Pometavshis the rooms, flew out of the house through the window, without causing harm to anyone. Grandfather-host then long passionately baptized.

According to the observations of the people, "habits" fireballs unpredictable. Appear suddenly, what they want and they do. It happens even in very clear weather. Expected, though they tend only to places with power lines, but it turned out frequently observed them in the fields of the blue.

Fireballs splendidly able to enter the house through the narrow gap. And back to its original shape. Collision with a man occasionally led to a sad outcome. Therefore, experts recommend the phenomenon does not fall immediately into a panic, do not run like mad with fear, do without any sudden movements. Twist and pull the air only provoke their attraction. But if a person does not avoid the blow and fell into a swoon, you should ensure that the victim-ventilated area, do artificial breathing, call an ambulance service.

General nature of ball lightning is not well. There are lots of theories of origin and behavior. Whether plasmoid, whether the result of the interaction of storm clouds and short-wave electromagnetic waves with the ground, or that otherwise … pseudo-scientific explanations do not exclude even the phenomenon of "thinking" lightning or "instruments" the study of our world …

Just wanted to wish a peaceful and secure coexistence of this phenomenon to us, the people, whether at home, in the open field, in a garden, in ogrode.

Author: Alexander STETSENKO

Source: "The breath of the earth"

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