Lipid profile

Lipid profile — a set of specific blood tests, allowing to determine abnormalities in the lipid metabolism of the body, which is of great importance for the diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

In some cases, prescribe the study of lipid profile?

  • in the diagnosis of atherosclerosis;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • cerebral vascular diseases.

What do the lipid profile?

1) cholesterol (total cholesterol)— The main blood lipid, which comes into contact with food and is synthesized by the liver cells. The amount of total cholesterol is one of the most important indicators of lipid (fat) metabolism and indirectly reflects the risk of atherosclerosis.

Normal levels of cholesterol: 3,2-5,6mmol/ L.

2) low-density lipoproteins (LDL)— One of the most atherogenic, "harmful" lipid fractions. LDL cholesterol and very rich, transporting it to the cells of blood vessels, trapped in them, forming plaques.

Normal levels of LDL: 1,71-3,5 mmol / l.

3) High density lipoproteins (HDL)— Only a fraction of lipids, preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels (which is why high-density lipoprotein is also called "good" cholesterol). Anti-atherogenic effect of HDL is due to their ability to transport cholesterol to the liver where it is disposed of and removed from the body.

Normal levels of HDL:> 0.9 mmol / l.

4) Triglycerides are neutral fats that are blood plasma.

Normal levels of triglycerides: 0,41-1,8 mmol / l.

5) Ratio of atherogenic (atherogenic index) — index, characterizing the ratio of atherogenic ("harmful" deposited in the walls of blood vessels) and antiatherogenic lipid fractions.

Normal values of the atherogenic: <3.5.

How to prepare for the study?

One day prior to blood sampling is necessary to exclude alcohol intake, for 1 hour — smoking. Blood collection is desirable to produce an empty stomach in the morning. Between the last meal and taking a blood sample should be at least 12 hours. Juice, tea, coffee is not allowed. You can drink the water. Necessary to eliminate the increased psycho-emotional and physical stress.

How many days will be ready to test result?

After 1 day.

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