Liposuction: to do or not

Liposuction: to do or not?  Illustration from the site

Liposuction — a surgical correction of body contours by removing fat deposits with a vacuum suction. Basically, liposuction is performed under local forms of obesity associated with the violation of body contours. Most often occurs in women "galifeobraznaya" deformation thighs fat deposits on the inner side of the knee joint, the deposits in the thigh, the anterior and lateral surfaces of the abdomen.

The operation is the surgical correction of body contours by removing fat deposits. Using a vacuum suction through small incisions in the skin eliminate local fat deposits. There are several kinds of operation.


Vacuum liposuction. It is the oldest method. The surgeon operates manually, and much depends precisely on his qualifications. Through small incisions in the skin are special tools, subcutaneous fat diluted and then removed by vacuum (suction). Traumatic method: it is expected that within two months after the surgery, the patient will wear special underwear, bandages.

Ultrasonic liposuction. During this operation, fat destroyed by sonication. The method allows to remove a fairly large amount of fat, but causes thermal damage to the tissue. After his healing also quite slow and have to wear special clothes to a month.

Soft-lipmodel. The most modern design, which translates as "gentle lipomodelirovanie." Fat destroyed by high currents and is removed through the tiny pinholes. Bandages are advised to wear for two weeks after surgery. This method does not require a hospital stay: you can go to work in two to three days after surgery.

Who do liposuction?

However, remember that no matter what method you decide to use to correct deficiencies figures do not recommend that you remove in one go more than two liters of fat tissue. If you remove more, there is a so-called "pituitary response": the body, "missed" the usual volume of the body would start feverishly to restore it.

Surgeons do not recommend liposuction in patients with severe excess weight. If you want to lose weight and "finish" the work surgical simulation figures, last in one weight at least six months, and only then decide on surgery. So the hope is to "go and cut off all", most likely, will remain hopeful. If you have 20 pounds of excess fat (which is fat), then you will have to spend 10 liposuction surgery to get rid of him. First, each will cost no less than $ 500, and second, the body will not sustain such abuse …

However, this does not mean that liposuction should be neglected. Just apply it to the destination should be: do not require the surgeon to it for you thin. The surgeon can only correct some of the mistakes of nature — to reduce excessive hips, change the shape of the bust, eliminate flabby belly. By the way, it is necessary to remember that liposuction is not going to help eliminate cellulite or stretch marks. The surgeon will reduce the volume of the thigh, but give it the desired elasticity and smoothness he can not. On the contrary, the presence of stretch marks can limit the amount of fat removed, as stretching reduces the contractility of the skin.

However, one can not deny that sometimes liposuction is used in the treatment of obesity — in this case, liposuction is used as a measure of desperation and not to correct body circuit figure. With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment (diet, medication, fitness, etc.) is carried out serial liposuction, aimed not so much to address violations of the contours of the body, rather than on weight loss patient.

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