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A year before the beginning of the twentieth century G. Kelly first described the removal of the anterior abdominal wall skin that hung on the body of the patient, "apron" after much labor. As for liposuction, the "mass" it was the efforts of the French surgeon IG Illouza, spent a series of operations in 1977.

Problem. Local fat deposits, "breeches" on the thighs, folds of fat on my stomach and waist. This fat does not respond to diet.

What to do. Tunnel liposuction, that is, figure correction by suction fat from problem areas.

Operation. Tunnel liposuction is performed under general or local anesthesia. Lasts from 30 minutes to several hours (depending on the amount of fat). Excess fat is sucked through a special tube (cannula) with a diameter of 2 mm, which is introduced into the pockets of fat and which is connected to a vacuum pump.

Contraindications. Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis (blood congestion in the veins, which runs on the hips), concomitant diseases, kidney disease, liver, diabetes, cancer.

Possible complications. If liposuction is done correctly, there are no complications. However, the error of the surgical technique (eg, if the doctor removes too much fat) can cause a syndrome of "washboard" — the skin in these areas will be rough.

The recovery period. During 2-3 weeks in the places where fat is suctioned off, are swelling and bruising, burning sensation and pain. All this time you need to wear special compression (slimming) underwear. Finally, the effect occurs when fully "leave" swelling. If done correctly, the scars are almost invisible. Genetically determined fat deposits are removed forever. But if you do not watch my weight, may be new (purchased), in other places.

Problem. Same.

What to do. Ultrasonic liposuction.

Operation. Done with the help of ultrasound. At the end of the same thin tubes in the first case, the ultrasound is applied. It destroys fat cells and liquefied fat, which is output using the same vacuum pump.

Contraindications. Same.

Possible complications. In this case, the operation proceeds faster as the liquid fat is extracted more easily. However, more complications. For instance, because of that end of the tube introduced into the body is hot, there may be subcutaneous burns which externally appear as black circles, but in contrast to bruising not tested. As in the case of tunnel liposuction, you may experience "washboard", but it depends on the skill of the surgeon. Still, the formation of excess fluid in places where fat is sucked away. It depends on the individual patient, and anticipate this, unfortunately, is impossible.

The recovery period. The same. Ideally, you get a lean body. But do not have a lot of pies.

Problem. Same.

What to do. Vazernaya liposuction (not to be confused with laser). Vazernaya liposuction is an advanced and sophisticated kind of ultrasonic liposuction.

Operation. Is almost the same as ultrasonic liposuction. The most important difference: the diameter duct cannula- much smaller and more selective action of ultrasound: it only destroys fat cells without damaging the skin (the skin punctures are only 2 mm.). On the whole, the whole operation is much less traumatic.

Possible complications. Same.

The recovery period. During 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the volume of the lost fat) need to wear special underwear slimming.

Problem. Excess body fat is little, but the figure looks disproportionate.

What to do. Syringe liposuction.

Operation. Lasts 15-30 minutes. This method is typically used when you need to remove the relatively small amount of fat (up to 0.5 liters in total). In this case, the fat is extracted using special syringes.

Contraindications. Same.

Possible complications. No.

The recovery period. After the syringe liposuction swelling significantly less, and they go away quickly — within a week. But you still need to wear a compression garment to the skin better reduced.

Problem. All the same local fat deposits.

What to do. Electronic lipomodelirovanie.

Operation. Lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Under local anesthetic (or general anesthesia — patients optional) to problem area make several puncture diameter of 3 mm, are introduced into the cannula of the same diameter. Then introduced into the puncture solution Klein (special fluid that helps the process and makes it painless). Then, the computer turns on the work and the high frequency pulse envelope destroys fat cells. Adipose tissue is converted into a liquid, which is then outputted via cannula. Liposuction is gentle method of liposuction. It can be used to correct deficiencies of other liposuction techniques — such as the effect of the "washboard."

Contraindications. Same.

Possible complications. Unlikely, since the process of computer monitors.

The recovery period. 14 days to wear a compression garment (first week — around the clock, the second — only during the day). After 14 days on body leaves no traces.

Problem. Local fat deposits.

What to do. Air liposuction.

Operation. Lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Under local anesthetic is introduced under computer control electrolyte (composition which electric current flows). The fat is liquefied by means of compressed air which is pumped in the same apparatus. Air liposuction — gentle method of liposuction. At the site of the cannula does not heat the skin and leaves no burns after the procedure.

Contraindications. Same.

Possible complications. Unlikely, since the process of computer monitors.

The recovery period. On the third day by a swelling, which passes through three days. 10-12 days to wear a compression garment. After 14 days on body leaves no traces.

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