Little green men from Mercury




"UFO", 08.09.2003, St. Petersburg, n37 (304), p.14

Author: Solomon Naffert

November 7 at the meteorological station was greeted as it should be — a celebratory cake, a walk around the house in single file with cries of "Hurrah," a salute of rifle and pistol but listening to the parade in Moscow. Not only was alcohol — Prohibition on weather station blyuli strictly. Still would not observe — if the personnel of the weather station were the chief meteorologist Alexander Yurmaguzin stations and radio operator Tatiana Yurmaguzina. Who drink? And, most importantly, what? There was alcohol in an amount sufficient for scientific and medical purposes only, and since the nearest store was located in nearly a thousand kilometers, it had necessarily sober.

It's for the best — booze at the meteorological station can end badly, especially if this station is located on a large but uncomfortable Wrangel Island.

"Belarusian method", born on the railroad, and decided to try here, drastically reducing staffing the station. Plus a family row. And less strife, and cost savings, and most importantly, keeping pace with the times, have something to report.

Despite the holiday, Alexander strictly by the hour shooting performance from the instruments, and Tatiana aired on the radio on the mainland. In the near future, these will replace the station automation, has already begun to replace, but the man remained the most reliable and cheapest element of any automated system — if this person is educated, sober and rabotyasch.

The weather was festive, clear, windless, and Alexander was in no hurry to leave the meteorological site. Luminous speck hung low over the horizon. Star? The spotlight? From time to time the submarines surfaced, and then the darkness of the polar night lights flourished most unusual. In the end, it could be a flare launched from our submarine in honor of the anniversary of the Revolution.

Spark flared up, getting brighter and brighter. This is already clear — the submariners had the habit of landing on the shore. What if the Americans? After the incident with the South Korean plane was supposed to keep an eye on what was even a special instruction, as the polar explorer — he always border guard, they must behave as befits a faithful son of the mighty power.

While Alexander recalled instruction speck rapidly approaching, and it became clear that this was not the spotlight and lamp, and a strange aircraft. Because it became clear that the machine hovered over the station at a height of ten meters, flush with the top of the mast. And the strange thing was that he was a solid luminous body without any markings. Greenish-blue glow of light gave a fifteen-watt bulb, and Alexander realized that he saw the machine is not ten miles away, as was thought, and a few hundred meters.

Or is it not the machine, and atmospheric phenomenon? Fireball, for example?

Alexander tried to calmly consider. In appearance he resembled a melon, but a huge melon. Meter and a half. But what a lot of melons, a little for the machine. The man clearly did not fit inside, is crouched. But where then placed mechanisms? And are there any at all? It sat in silence, from him could not hear a motor noise, no jet, nothing, just a slight, barely audible crackle.

Thinking Alexander decided that before it weather balloon or just a balloon covered with phosphorescent compound. And he hangs motionless because the mast caught on a transparent and therefore indistinguishable nylon sling.

Alexander liked the idea. It makes a certain. The probe, he is the probe. You will need to hook it and pull down, or vice versa, shake, let them continue flying. As the higher authorities decide.

Before the session was still two hours.

Alexander returned to the house and told his wife what he had seen. She looked out the window, but the frost was not allowed to examine in detail, and she decided to walk to the meteorological site. A minute later, there was a shout from outside.

Polar bears on Wrangel Island are answered by a serious danger, and because Alexander threw the magazine, which recorded the results of observations, ripped from the wall rifle and hurried out as fast as I could.

Fortunately, the reason for crying was not a bear. Mouse. So it seemed at first — around his wife were standing on their hind legs with a half-dozen thick green glowing mice.

Coming close, he could see that it's still not a mouse, but rather a small ezhata — on the back of them were hundreds and hundreds of needles. About it and he said to his wife. She calmed down and looked closely — quirks of psychology is such that a woman fearlessly stop a galloping horse, but is afraid to convulsions harmless rodent. And since this is not a mouse, a hedgehog, even green and glowing, what is there to fear?

Hedgehogs in the meantime started to climb up the cotton pants Alexander. By removing the shotgun, he gently took one in the arm and realized that he was wrong — it was still not a hedgehog, and man. Caricature, but man. And not funny. The house was a souvenir that he brought from Mozambique brother, figurine god or spirit, not that evil, but felt the force in terms cut cutter African masters. And this green muzzle the impression of strength and confidence.

Being a man of sharp intellect, Alexander connected with the appearance of green men continued to hover at the mast luminous object and decided that they were men, none other like aliens, and the object — an interplanetary or interstellar ship. Confused, however, as the small size of the ship and the aliens, but if there are small stars, and small planets, why is it not to be a little aliens? Alexander knew and loved the fiction of five personal books that they had brought for the winter, one was a thick "Adventure World" (another — "Favorites" by Gogol, two volumes of "War and Peace" and "Directory paramedic") — and he knew that our knowledge of the universe is by no means complete. Guess he shared with his wife, who also held a mitten on the little man.

She agreed, and invited them to call home — November on Wrangel not the warmest month, and they were dressed easily.

Suddenly, they heard a voice — not thin and squeaky, as would be expected, based on the size of men, but a completely normal, but if the right hand out in my head. Voice thanked for the invitation and said that the family receives it.

The strange thing is later recalled Alexander, was that he and Tatiana evaluated happening quite easily. Yes, it was a surprise, but there was no surprise, they retain clarity of thought without overlap of emotions.

Men — the ones that were left in the snow — ran for Tatiana very quickly, Alexander also was in the rear.

In the house, they placed their men on the table, the rest very quickly and deftly climbed the smooth legs and stood side by side. In the light of the lamp they seemed glassy, translucent, but very real.

Tatiana even wanted to offer guests a cake and tea, but the man, who somehow found Alexander Sr., thanked him and declined. They do not eat at all, the cycle of life they have completely closed, as necessary for the existence of the energy they receive the body surface. All this he told her short phrase, but for some reason they have understood the point is clear — and even more of what the man said: aliens plants rather than animals. There is some body like mycelium from which bud separate individuals that make up the "family." These individuals from the very beginning endowed with a developed consciousness derived from the mycelium. In the course of his life — usually about twenty Earth years — they exist independently, but then returned to the mycelium is absorbed by it, and the knowledge obtained during individual existence, gets the mycelium from which the transfer to the new generation of autonomous beings.

The man verbally confirmed that he uses when communicating in a special way transmission of information, possible only because of Alexander and Tatiana "open mind." In ordinary circumstances, when people live crowded, consciousness generates a protective sheath, protecting itself from invasion in the same winter jacket disappears — so that the light sensitivity of the eyes have a single, and in the dark moonless night sensitivity increases a thousandfold.

Anticipating the question of Alexander (who remembered that a representative of a great country), the senior man said that a visit to Earth is informal and friendly nature will not be any danger at all earthlings and personally Alexander and Tatiana in particular. Purpose of the visit — the free exchange of views on the family level. In the future, man told me that they inhabit Mercury, precisely because it quite enough solar energy. They are able to store energy for future use, and using, as now, to sustain life. Almost all the celestial bodies in the solar system are inhabited, with the dominant form of life is reasonable. There is some friction between the individual species, sometimes taking the form of wars, but several thousand years of war, these "hot" wars do not. The land is regarded as a kind of sanctuary, and all kinds pledged not to seek nor to the colonization of the earth, nor to interfere in its internal affairs, limited contacts at the individual level. However, these different types of contacts and understand differently, and some even violate the convention — so poachers in the Earth's forests are hunting for rare or especially valuable inhabitants of the land. They, the inhabitants of Mercury, most huntsmen.

Alexander, in turn, told the little man on the device of the modern world, dividing it into two camps, but it seemed to him that the man listens to him more as a courtesy than out of interest. Meanwhile, the remaining green men spread to the rooms. They are attracted by all — the mirror and radio, books, and a box with buttons, a kerosene stove and boots. Alexander was worried at first, even for the property, but only the men looked, and legs do not touch anything.

Just arrived in time and the radio session. By tacit agreement Tatiana has chosen not to tell anything about the visitors and the limited transfer of meteorological data.

Green man said that the very method of communication can be dangerous because the information is extremely easy to intercept. Radiocommunications — a phenomenon known to all intelligent species in our system, and it is because of it and do not enjoy. In this respect, humans become like children playing with matches in the middle of the powder magazine. No, the invasion by members of the Solar Community fear is not necessary, but may come and other types, interstellar, and then subjected to risk not only the Earth, but also the inhabitants of all the heavenly bodies. Extremists even offer to do radio on Earth impossible, but so far the hotheads in the Sunshine Community in the minority.

The meeting lasted about an hour, but that men scurried — their time on Earth ended.

It turns out that they travel, using the property of the multidimensional world, and therefore the way to Mercury, they will take a few minutes and very little energy. But this path is open at certain times, and then closed in the months and years to come.

Yurmaguziny carried guests to the meteorological, where they effortlessly soared into the air by the green beam to your machine and disappeared inside. The unit itself is slowly rose into the air and melted either in the sky, or in another dimension.

Only now Yurmaguziny realized the uniqueness and improbability of the incident. They are the first in history came into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. But entirety, first you? Described dozens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of similar situations, but they are considered to be either outright fabrication or vision clouded mind. Tell them now about what happened, how it will accept? How bout of madness, delirium tremens? And what next? In any case, no good. Yurmaguziny worked on Wrangel not of romantic intentions, anyway — not just because of them. It is much more prosaic goal stood before them — to save money for a cooperative apartment, and risk their future because they do not dare, especially since no evidence of the visit does not remain. Perhaps the aliens managed to some extent subordinate reason people just do not even Alexander had the idea to photograph men — and in the bedside table he was lying charged photographic film camera "Change-8".

They told this author in a private conversation, many years after the incident. Post it could count and dreams caused by starvation touch, if a year later, the author does not come across in print on the certificate of Adam Griffiths, a Canadian forester, in which he tells of a meeting with the inhabitants of Mercury, which are described in every detail the same as narrated by the couple, Yurmaguzinyh. Since the publication of the Griffiths came out after meeting the author and explorers, you can consider it as an independent and, therefore, confirming an episode of contact on Wrangel Island.
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