Livestock killed by drought on the coast of Ecuador


2.12.11.Tsentralnye cantons Manabi province — Chone, Olmedo, Rokafuerte — were most affected by the lack of rainfall: livestock dies, as the pastures dried up all the grass, the animals have no water to drink.

Parraga Ruben, president of the cattlemen Manabi (AGM) of Ecuador requested the authorities to declare a state of emergency in the sector. So far, the assurances of livestock, no help from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (Magap) they have not received.

Livestock farmers are trying to get out of the situation by buying grass in the neighboring provinces to prevent povalny animals die. In Canton Chone farmers also buy water in tanks to water exhausted animals, but it is too expensive for the majority of local residents, said livestock Maximiliano Cedeno. People are asking the authorities to urgently address the issue with the digging of wells, or the ongoing loss of livestock on the coast of Ecuador, can lead to a significant increase in the price of meat in the country.

Ecuador's Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a program to create a system of irrigation in the target Canton Chone. The project, according to the assurances of the authorities, guarantee the supply of water to the fields and plantations of the province. The first phase of the project, allowing to provide the water supply for more than 7000 hectares, is ready. But because of the number of farmers do not agree to give their land for the construction of the dam, while the plan is implemented only partially. The second and final phase will end in February 2012, after which will be provided irrigation is 6000 hectares. It is assumed that the government's plan to help 2,000 families provincial cost of the project is USD 230 million

Source: Ecuador Today

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