«Lockheed Martin» held another successful missile test PAC-3 ballistic OBJECTIVES

September 14 at the landfill White Sands company Lockheed Martin conducted a successful test of PAC-3 missiles that killed tactical ballistic missiles, reports ASDNews.
During the tests of ballistic target fired two missiles. First destroyed the target, the second missile struck the incident.
«We continue to show the effectiveness of the PAC-3 in order to protect our soldier and allies. We constantly improve the properties of the rocket, increasing its ability to engage the increasing number of possible threats, «says vice president of missile programs from PAC-3 Richard McDaniel (Richard McDaniel).
PAC-3 is one of the world’s most advanced air defense missiles and missile defense. The missile is designed to destroy tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft and helicopters. As more technologically advanced missiles, PAC-3 significantly increasing the combat power of the complex method of installing Patriot missiles instead of 16 4, as in the previous version of Patriot PAC-2.

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