Locusts attacked 120 thousand hectares in the Astrakhan region


ASTRAKHAN, July 11 — RIA Novosti. Locusts spread to 120.3 thousand hectares of land in the southern Astrakhan region, in four regions introduced a state of emergency, according to a report Monday in the regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Locusts in the region began in early June in Kamyzyaksky area, then spread to neighboring territories. As of June 20, the area on which settled locusts, was 79 thousand hectares. To date, the state of emergency declared in Kamyzyaksky, Liman, Ikryaninsky Enotaevsky areas and the Astrakhan region.

"On July 11, examined more than 427.6 thousand hectares, the population of pests is marked on the area 120.3 thousand hectares, pockets of high density identified by 63 thousand hectares. In all areas of the region conducted destructive measures, "- said in a statement.

According to authorities, the fight against locusts involved 97 vehicles and 300 people with a knapsack sprayer. Also involved aircraft, processing fields are eight aircraft. At the moment of poison processed area of 65.5 hectares.

"Training activities locust pests started in the winter … In almost all areas earmarked for the purchase of insecticides and attract aviation. All municipalities have developed plans of action to combat these pests. Suppliers of plant protection products procured the necessary amount of insecticides, "- the report says.

Source: RIA Novosti South

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