Locusts found on 50 hectares. Stavropol fields



12.05.12.Na Stavropol surveyed nearly 200,000 hectares of crops, locusts found more than 50 thousand hectares.

The maximum number — 71 per square meter of the pest — marked on individual fields Levokumskij area. Settlement of the Moroccan locust found in five areas — Arzgirskom, Budennovsky Levokumskij, Neftekumsk and Turkmen. Moreover, due to the high temperatures of its emergence occurred in April — before the average long-term periods.

Another species of grasshoppers — Italian locust showed itself in seven areas: Alexander, Arzgirskom, Budennovsky Ipatovsk, Levokumskij, Neftekumsk and Turkmen. Continue processing the necessary selhozposevov and arable land. As noted by the UK Ministry of Agriculture, last year the destructive measures undertaken by 195 thousand hectares, and this year is planned to cover 200,000 hectares.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation was held on the Russian video link spring field work, the meeting took part. about. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Zhuravlev Stavropol.
It was noted that due to the adverse weather conditions in some regions, including in the South and the North Caucasus Federal District, recorded the death of winter crops, works on transfers, mainly sunflower and corn. Igor Zhuravlev said that in Stavropol established after the cold winter heat and no rain for nearly a month. It is possible that in some areas will be introduced a state of emergency. Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik promised to assist agricultural producers in the fields which killed rape crops. Recall, in the Stavropol region has suffered a significant part of the culture of crops. Acting. PUK deputy added that the difficult situation in the province and locusts.

Our region is one of the first in Russia began to combat these dangerous pests, and now a lot depends on the speed of nearest neighbors.

Source: Stavropol Truth

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