Locusts in Dagestan. Video


16.05.12.V Dagestan regretted early warm … The Republic pounced locusts. Before the ordinary, it is not expected, and most importantly, the appetite for insects such that the crop has no choice. Bare earth.

In the Garden Tatum Salavatova locusts left even planted onions and garlic. Pensioner nervously joking — it turns out in our vegetable garden it seemed sweeter! Eaten tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage. Fresh vegetables on the table this season will be gone.

With the advent of the locusts in the village district of Dagestan Korkmaskala Kumtorkalinskogo can talk about the beginning of the annual insect attack on the republic. While individuals are ripe state, there is not yet elated, they become the object of small gardens. Very soon the experts believe locusts capture large farmlands. Without special equipment and even aircraft to cope with it will not work.

In villages, airplanes and heavy machinery can not be used. The only way to combat locusts locals — it's such canisters filled with liquid poison. In the treated areas for several hours, the insect does not appear.

But then, tell korkmaskalintsy locusts put even more. Though their poisonous insect convene to help. And again a few hours of treatment — in no other way.

Locust control throughout Dagestan deployed operational headquarters. Local authorities, in partnership with the MOE monitoring the situation and monitor. Obviously, in the summer of this year in the country has come much earlier than in the past. For the growth of the locust is only a plus.

Mukhtar Mohammed, deputy head of Russia's EMERCOM of Dagestan: "Last year it started in Nogai and Tarumovskih regions of Dagestan. But then it was often the wind, and the eggs of locusts brought in Kumtorkalinsky area. "

Climate Dagestan for locusts, say rescuers ideal — Caspian Sea, reeds. Therefore, the annual insect can not get rid of, it is natural to attack. The main thing that forces and equipment to deal with it enough …

Large-scale fighting it all the same for large farms. A fine addition to the traditional methods, yet advised to install special trap-caught insect excellent feed chickens and geese — a pure protein.

Boris Karyagin

Source: Channel 5 St. Petersburg


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