Locusts in the Novosibirsk region + review


Swarms of locusts destroyed in its path all vegetation. Photo: from the site

23.07.11.Sarancha — a real attack, swarms of insects destroying all vegetation in their path.

This pest has already done a lot of troubles in the Penza and Astrakhan regions, where the insects are fighting, spraying poison over large areas. It became known as "KP", danger threatened and Novosibirsk region.

— Registered non-standard appearance of grasshoppers in the development stage of the larvae to adult in 17 districts of the region (Baganskom, Baraba, Bolotninskom, Vengerovsky, Dovolenskom, Zdvinskom, Iskitim, Karasuk, Kargatskom, Kochkovskaya, Krasnozerskom, Kuibyshev, Kupinsky, Toguchin, Uba, Tatar and Chistoozernoye) — the official website of Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Novosibirsk region. — Spend insecticide pest infested areas with a total area of 400 hectares.

Last massive locust invasion took place in Russia last year in the Rostov region. In order to defend farmland specialists had treated more venom 7000 hectares of land.

Alexander AGAFONOV

Source: KP.RU-Novosibirsk

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