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18.07.12.Nashestvie locusts in the west! Pests mercilessly destroy hundreds of acres of crops. Suffered from the hordes of insects and other border regions with Russia. Farmers have counted loss.

Aktobe field Mass Attack locusts. Barley crop pests in this area destroyed in just a fortnight, distressed farmers. Now, instead of the planned 16 centners per hectare farmers are hoping to collect at least 3.

Winged pests become true masters of the fields. But the peasants were unarmed. The locusts have destroyed hundreds of acres of crops. For example, a field of sunflowers insects also had thoroughly spoiled.

Khromtau of pests in the area began in late June, the peasants say. In some areas, it turned out, the first signs of distress appeared in the middle of May! However combat insects were not ready to do any farms or officials.

Kairat Tolepbergenov, director of the farm:

— Just flew in flocks, the influx. As if going any dust storm. We warned area, area committee warned. But we were told that the poison used in the first and second stages.

Dealt a crushing blow pests and other areas of Kazakhstan. Italian locust hordes attacking the border with Russia, West Kazakhstan and Kostanai region, the latter suffered the most. Officials accused of massive pest weather and their Russian colleagues.

Amirgozhin Rahim, head of the Ministry of Agriculture:

— This zalet Italian locust from the Russian Federation. This is, basically, the Orenburg region. There is work being almost in slow motion.

However, officials claim: great harm inflicted locusts. In Kostanai region, according to their data, crops were lost on five thousand acres. Also dangerous period has passed, and soon swarms of pests disappear from the fields. True, it does not add to the peasants of optimism: they count huge losses. In addition, the locusts have time set aside in the fields offspring. Now villagers in terror waiting for the next summer.

Dinara Ashirbekova

Source: CTC

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