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19.07.11.Prekrascheniya rains brought vacationers peninsula new attack — the voracious insects. Experts also recommend holiday-not to panic

After a five-year lull in the Crimea again locusts. It occupied Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Saki, Lenin, Soviet, May Day and Black Sea regions.

Vacationers complain of flying insects that annoy them on the way to the sea, beaches, summer cottages and hotel rooms. Especially a lot of them in the evening. There were even complaints that the locust bites holidaymakers. Landowners calm: the invasion of green insect stops in early August.

As reported by the site "Krym.Kommentarii" in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Crimea, in the ARC this year is really a lot of locusts, but the situation is far from critical.

"Conduct a weekly examination of farmland. A total of 252.4 thousand hectares, of which are populated by locusts — 2.4 hectares. Percentage of population of very small — 0.9% ", — said the deputy head of the agriculture essential oil crops Ministry of Agrarian Policy of the Crimea Eskander Mustafayev.

According to him, in the agricultural areas of the Crimea have been sent to telephone messages "on settlement of locusts" and the need to "take action." Most alarming situation on 36 acres of Bakhchisaray district, where there is a maximum occupancy — 5 individuals per square meter. But this is not critical: the invasion of locusts can speak at a concentration of up to 25 individuals per square meter. "In Bakhchisaray district is the area that are adjacent to the vineyards. They are all handled "- Mustafayev said.

According to scientists, this year's baby boom locusts provoked unstable weather. "We had a flash of five years ago, it is a natural process in nature. Favorable weather conditions — sudden changes in temperature, when after the cooling is very hot, "- said Acting Head of the State Inspectorate for Plant Larisa Alekseeva.

According to her, this year to conduct the processing of agricultural land has been washed away — a couple of weeks all the locusts die. "Treatments were carried out in the appropriate 1, 2 and 3, age of locusts, now 4 — 5 age. The bulk — under wing development. By the beginning of August it will begin mass okrylenie and death, "- said Alekseev.

The Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea information on locust infestations less alarmed as amused. "Stories of locusts — the absolute truth, as well as stories about rabid squirrels that come down from the mountains and Muscovites bite the legs, so Muscovites are not advised to go here, because here rabid squirrels. Media come up about the locusts, about the cold water that has washed Evpatoria. Titles that are full, they say that the negative information about the Crimea this year too little and began to plan ", — said the site" Krym.Kommentarii "Deputy Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea Alexander Liev.
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