Loss of livestock in the Baikal region. Video


27.04.12.V a village Transbaikalia experienced massive loss of livestock. Vladimir A. says: heart then felt something was wrong with his cows. Zaperezhival as they do not come home in time to feed. Went in search of, and almost next to the house he saw the shocking picture — animals walk in a circle, like the blind, breathing heavily, his mouth foams.

Vladimir Sorokin, a resident of the village, "Forest Town", "generally healthy cow, dairy, two calves fed, and here you are. More bulls were hardly with them was driven. "

More than ten head fell in the village for unknown reasons. Oksana Chumakov pregnant cows looked a few days.

Oksana Chumakov, a resident of the village "Forest Town": "I have a child with diabetes, specifically bred to milk was, meat, cheese."

The loss of the cows began two weeks ago. First one or two, after the number of dead animals came every day to three or four. Villagers also beat the alarm in no hurry. The vet started treating only now able to take samples only anthrax. The initial assumption of doctors — poisoning.

Galina Bronnikov, chief veterinary officer of the Chita region: "accurate diagnosis than the animals were poisoned, to date, it is not possible, so I would like to appeal to the citizens, so they promptly informed the veterinarian about the sudden death of animals or when it is sick."

Now the administration of the rural settlement will organize the collection and disposal of the animals in the cattle cemetery.

Angelica Panibrashina

Source: STRC "Novosibirsk"

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