Lymphatic drainage massage at home

Is now gaining in popularity, this service beauty salons and medical centers, as compression massage (otherwise pressure therapy, lymph drainage massage).Translated from the Greek «lympha» — water. Commonplace phrase that the human body consists of 80 percent of the fluid is under a certain foundation, and good circulation of blood and lymph flow — is one of the keys to the health of the body.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

The procedure is as follows — on the legs (sometimes even on your hands or body) to put on cuffs, which are located inside the sealed air chamber into which a predetermined pressure air is blown. Due to the compression cuff around those areas of the body, which they put on, it turns out the effect of compression massage. Depending on the set program massage air enters the cuff pressure and the specific sequence. Accordingly, the greater the camera is inside of each cuff, the more carefully the impact.

This type of massage is not without reason, is popular. This procedure is really useful, especially for those who spend a long time "on his feet." We all know how well, after a long "journey" walk, lie down on the bed and put your feet on the platform. In this position, the outflow of blood from the stagnant blood vessels and capillaries, and lymph flow.

How dangerous lymph and blood?

If stagnation occurs fatigue in the legs and around the body, slowing (or even broken), the metabolic processes that lead to oxygen starvation of cells, and premature aging of the veins, vessels, the surrounding tissues.

Lymphatic drainage massage has the same effect as he struggles with the "stagnation" in the veins of the legs, with stasis (stagnation) in the capillary blood flow in the capillaries and lymph vessels. This massage allows you to maintain your feet in good shape and prevent the early appearance of vascular "stars" and varicose veins on the legs. Also, a massage can be used as a tool for weight loss, improving skin tone, cellulite and obesity. But this is only the aesthetic aspect of the effect of applying pressure therapy.

Lymphatic drainage or compression massage can be used in the treatment of diseases such as: lymphostasis, varicose veins, increased muscle tension, muscle spasms and cramps, and swelling of the lymph, venous insufficiency. Indeed, one of the causes of these diseases — a violation of the circulation of the blood or lymph. However, it is worth remembering that, despite the effectiveness of the lymph drainage devices, any treatment is to conduct in consultation with the attending physician.

What are the units for pressure?

If the newly-like apparatus could only be found in a clinic or beauty salon, but now there were simplified versions for home use, which often do not yield to have the effect of his "big" brother.

Many devices are provided accessories (cuffs), not only for the legs, but the waist, hips and hands. Some "advanced" models have even massage cuffs as suits and jackets, which allows you to do lymphatic drainage massage of the whole body at once!

How to choose?

The main parameter of all devices for lymphatic drainage — the number of cameras. It determines how much detail and quality will be a massage. Each chamber is responsible for its own "station." If the two-chamber apparatus, this means that during a massage, such as feet, the entire foot massage cycle is executed in two steps, first inflates camera The cuff of the foot to the knee, then inflates a second camera, located above. It is clear that with a larger number of cameras, the effect of "pasture" of stagnant lymph and blood from the limbs will be more complete, because compression takes place in small areas, and more gradually.

In professional models of cameras can be up to 12 or more. Apparatus for domestic use are typically four to six chambers.

The following criterion, which is worth paying attention to when choosing a system, it is the quality and size of cuff. Cuffs during operation exposed to high pressure (200 mmHg or higher), and repeatedly inflated and deflated. The more carefully done cuff, the longer the machine.

Cuff size is usually averaged and match clothes from size 38 to 54. If the cuff is too large, given the pressure will be achieved for a long time or not at all will be achieved. If the cuff was small, the pressure may be excessive, in order to avoid this special reamers available that can be added to the circle cuffs.

Some models have included not only the leg cuffs, but also plastic insoles applicators that enhance the foot massage.

An important parameter is the number of automatic massage programs. Of course, "the more, the better." On the other hand, if the important health benefits, not "relax", this parameter is not important.

Some models are available for off-lining cells. This feature can be useful if a site does not need to massage, for example bruised knee or a sprained foot, and massage around the problem area on the contrary necessary. There are machines with individual programming of the pressure in each chamber, but it is usually inherent in professional machines.

Another indicator that is worth paying attention to is the volume of the compressor — there are models that operate almost silently. These devices are ideal for clinics and treatment rooms with a large number of patients, as well as for the treatment of bed-ridden patients.

Some models are equipped with a remote control. This option is certainly useful if you can not place the unit at a distance of "arm's length". Also, on some professional models provided emergency button for the patient, designed for emergency stop device.

Of course, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and warranty. Key leaders in the production of lymph drainage devices — Korea («Unix Air Relax»), Israel («Lympha Press»), England («BTL»), France, Italy, Germany.

Material prepared by editors of the magazine "Be healthy"

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