Lymphotropic therapy — the shortest path to a cure!

In inflammatory processes need to see strong substances that affect not only the locus of the disease, but also on the whole body. "Extra" effects of the drug on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys can be avoided by acting locally and using drugs to transport lymph.

Lymphotropic therapy (RT) — Effective, gentle and safe treatment of various diseases, including gynecology.

When LT anti-inflammatory drug is administered subcutaneously in the region of maximum concentration of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. In the treatment of gynecological diseases — in the thigh area.

Lymphotropic therapy recommends a course of at least 5 sessions.

How does it work?

The lymphatic system— part of the vascular system of the body, complementing the cardiovascular system, composed of lymph capillaries, vessels, nodes, trunks and ducts. It plays an important role in metabolism, "specialized" for the purification of cells and tissues.

Lymph(Lymph fluid formed in the intercellular space of water and electrolytes), circulating it moves slowly and under low pressure.

The high therapeutic efficacy lymphotropic therapy method is the fact that the lymphatic system, as well as the circulatory system, penetrates the body and connects all the organs and tissues. This allows delivery of a drug directly to the affected organ, and subsequently facilitates its excretion from the body.

The advantages of the lymphotropic therapy

Introduced lymphotropic drug works up to 24 hours, which allows not only to reduce its daily dose, but the total dose per course.

In this case, the drug has no toxic effects on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, liver, kidneys, as almost misses the blood. Upon termination of the drug appears through the lymphatic system.

In ON CLINIC lymphotropic therapy in the treatment of gynecological diseases conducted in conjunction with lymph drainage massage. In this way, a double effect: the drug is rapidly coming to the affected organ, and at the same time accelerating the lymphatic flow, which reduces puffiness and effectively fight the appearance of cellulite.

And the patient in addition to effective treatment is also a great cosmetic result.

When lymphotropic therapy is effective?

Highly skilled gynecologists ON CLINIC effectively used for radiotherapy treatment of many gynecological diseases, relieve pain, sucking adhesions, relieve and eliminate inflammation, treatment of functional cysts, as well as post-operative rehabilitation. In all cases, the endolymphatic therapy provides stable, long-term positive effect.

Lymphotropic therapy at ON CLINIC — is a blow aimed at the disease in conjunction with cosmetic effect!


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