Mass death of fish in the pond vTaylande Suan Luang Park


23.11.12.Sotni dead fish were found in the pond after the start of dredging to prevent flooding in the Park Sang Luang. Excavator idle in the absence of dredging work was ordered to stop. Dredging popular fishing pond in Suan Luang (Rama IX Park) in Phuket temporarily suspended after the bank was found in the mass death of fish.

Local residents believe that the fish died of asphyxia — lack of oxygen in the water caused by the dredging. Dredging is part of a project to prevent flooding, the total cost of 25 million baht.

Local residents raised the alarm after it arrived in the morning at the pond and found a huge number of dead fish on the shore of the pond and the water. Locals utvkrzhdayut that the pond was a lot of fish, because many people have come here to release the fish, as one of the ways to do a good deed.

Fish kill was noted and before this case, a few days ago after they started dredging, but this time, the dead fish were so many that literally could not see the water.

Rutan Ratcharanurak (Ruthai Patcharanurak), who was appointed Chief of the Royal Irrigation Department Phuket service just yesterday, personally came to inspect the scene.

He ordered workers to stop dredging, and ordered by contacting your local Department of Fisheries and City Council to sort out the problem.

"The dredging work was part of a project to increase the capacity of the two ponds, one near the University Rayabhat in Phuket and another here in Suan Luang Park, which aims to prevent flooding in the city of Phuket. Remains unclear, however, why in the works do not include the environmental aspects of the project and does not provide measures to prevent damage to aquatic biological resources.

Dead fish were collected and destroyed. Municipal employees patrol the pond perimeter to prevent fishing in the pond.

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