Mass mortality of squid in Australia


February 25. Experts do not know what caused the death of thousands of squid in the River Derwent this week.

Starting Tuesday, a lot of dead and dying squid dart were found on the beach and in the water in Austin Ferry Berrideyl. Locals say they had never seen the like.

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) confirmed on Thursday the discovery of many more dead squid downstream. This is the third case of the death of aquatic animals in the Derwent in the last two weeks.


At the beginning of this week in Windermere Bay near Claremont Primary School, has been observed mass mortalities of juvenile barracuda. This case was followed by another similar, when thousands of young fish barracuda were found south of the Norske Skog paper mill at Boyer week ago.

EPA director Alex Skaap not inclined to believe that the death of fish and squid related. According to him, a very low tolerance barracuda low salinity water, which could lead to their death. However, analysis of the water found nothing unusual, so the cause of death of fish is still not clear.

At this time, water samples are investigated to shed light on the death of the squid, which, in turn, are young individuals who have not reached the adult phase.

— If the incident concerns only a single species, we tend to think that here it is in what or behavioral factors, or natural phenomenon. It is quite possible, squid caught in water with low salinity resulting from employment storm water runoff after a storm at the weekend — said Mr. Skaap.

Meanwhile, local residents fear that the water in the river is contaminated with something. Brenda Hale lives on the coast in Austin Ferry for 40 years, and only once witnessed the death of fish in all that time.

— Not very nice to see all these squids. Besides, they are very bad. I'm afraid something is wrong with the water, — she said.

Tim Strange of Claremont, who grew up in these places, never seen anything like this:

— Wherever you look, you will see the squid washed up on the rocks everywhere.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin

So all is not easy

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