Media: The Earth has entered a new ice age




Russian scientist Nikolai Zharvin states: a new ice age will come to Earth in 50 years, which will lead to the most disastrous consequences. This writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". A few winter nights freeze the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. That first winter cold glacial destroy millions of Englishmen and Finns, Germans and Poles, the people of Northern and Central Russia, Belarus, the Urals and the northern states of the United States … Who does not die from the cold, starve to death: after a terrible winter comes cold snow-rainy summer. Then comes the glacier cover the lifeless shell of a huge space. The survivors will mourn Russian St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Kaliningrad and possibly Moscow, the Germans — Hamburg, Americans — New York, Boston, Chicago … Zharvin argues that the cataclysm will occur due to the sharp turn of ocean currents, especially the Gulf Stream. In the role of a 'relay' switching climate in phase "warm — cold," playing ice sheets in the Arctic and Greenland. During the ice age comes a time when this armor is too heavy — the crust beneath it flexes, and the Gulf Stream "flows" in the north-east, in the Barents Sea — that is how it flows now. In Europe and North America slowly warms and Arctic ice is starting to melt again. Melt them to such time as they shook off the yoke of the crust does not rise so much that happens a new reorganization of ocean currents: the Gulf Stream will turn south to Africa, leaving the whole of Europe without his warm breath, but instead into the Arctic Ocean to the east rush Pacific warm Kuroshio Current.

Taras Jumar, March 12, 9:23

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