Meditating yoga mistaken for a corpse




The twisted body of the dead man, which is found on the bottom of a ravine in the California park vacationers passing by, in fact yoga was in deep meditation.
Police, firefighters and officers in Oakland Park for two days combing the area in search of his dead body, seen eyewitnesses. Two people walking in the park saw the body of a man in a deep ravine and reported it to the police. Unnatural posture and immobility person is not left in doubt as to the witnesses that he was dead.

On the search for a "corpse" was thrown a large force of security services, including a pair of police helicopters with teploiskatelyami for combing thick forest belt. During the search, one of the teams found the man in the park, which, in all probability, was wanted by the corpse. The man was a yogi and said that daily exercise in the park. And at a time when the rest saw his "dead body," he said, in fact, sitting in yogic posture, and meditated. According seekers to learn the truth, they hardly help laughing.

Materials Alameda Times-Star


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