Medvedev laid near Kazan innovative city for 155 thousand people


KAZAN, June 9 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov laid the capsule in the foundation of the future Innopolis, innovative city designed for 155,000 people.

In the afternoon the Prime Minister went to Verkhneuslonsky region of Tatarstan, which is 40 kilometers from Kazan, on the right bank of the Volga launched construction on the area of 1.2 thousand hectares. Here, a village on the IT-20 000 experts in the field of information technology.

"Today launched a large project. After a few years it will work and live 155 000 people, and no! People who want to change their lives, their country. And it will be very powerful and interesting innovation center generating innovative ideas. City will implement a large number of people your creativity, "- said Medvedev.

"To build and live here you'll need to work," — he said, referring to the students Kazan universities who came to the meeting with the prime minister.

The President of Tatarstan called this historic event.

"Today, in this field there is a historical event, the beginning of a unique project that was not in Tatarstan, or Russia. And, of course, for us enormous confidence that Innopolis appear here, in Tatarstan. We have some experience, we have IT-cluster, which we are developing, we have talented young people, "- said Minnikhanov.

Medvedev and President of the Republic laid the capsule with a memorable message to the future residents of the town. The letter states: "We believe that the construction Innopolis give a powerful impetus to the rapid development of Russian companies working in the field of information technology. We believe that the ambitious young energetic people Innopolis have a chance to implement their most ambitious ideas. Conditions created here will help them reach unprecedented heights in the global IT market, which now have no borders "- the message says.

Innovation Center will operate on the principle of "live-learn-work-rest." In the first phase, in 2012-2014 industrial park will be built with a total area of 200 thousand square meters. This circular, annular building will resemble a football stadium. Just inside the ring instead of the cup will be split park with a restaurant, close to the body at the IT University of 5000 students. Teachers for the university is preparing Kazan Federal University. For students to be built residential complex on 4.5 thousand inhabitants. For employees Innopolis constructed residential complex consisting of a house in 1.9 floors and 25,000 people.

In addition to housing, research and production base here will build a school, a kindergarten, a health center, a shop, a cultural center and other facilities.

In the first phase will be staying Innopolis 25,000 people, and in the future — up to 155 thousand people.

The master plan of the project Innovation Center "Innopolis Kazan" developed Singapore's RSP Architects. A corresponding agreement between Tatarstan and RSP Architects was signed at the fifth Russia-Singapore Business Forum in September 2010. In April 2012, RSP Architects presented the master plan leadership of Tatarstan. For further design with the Russian features, including law and urban planning, with Singaporean experts will work JSC "Kazan Giproniiaviaprom."

The Master Plan Innopolis designed with location, infrastructure, and development of the road network. Innopolis planned as a satellite city of Kazan, it will be designed for IT-specialists, engineers and their families, students, IT-University, the staff of shopping centers, entertainment and recreation, services and so on.

The project is expected to be implemented in three stages, each of which will provide input about 20 thousand jobs.

"Innopolis Kazan" is focused on the construction of various densities, with the height of objects from one to nine floors (most of the buildings from three to seven stories). First of all, it is planned to build an incubator, research center, the building of the university, and then the commercial center of the town and residential areas. Singapore has already been successfully used to create similar models of neighborhoods and satellite cities, proving its viability.

The project will be implemented under the public-private partnership, with private investment. Today, technology parks in the form of state institutions is not justified, and the project was originally formed as a commercial and sustainable.

It is predicted that the total production of innovative companies in Innopolis at an early stage can be at least 20 billion rubles a year. In the development of its own products, technologies, and design patents will be the capitalization of intellectual property and attract foreign investment. This allows you to evaluate a promising production in Innopolis 50-70 billion rubles a year.
Source: RIA Novosti

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