Megaliths of the Maltese Islands

Megaliths and stone structures of prehistory found in different parts of the world, the most famous English Stonehenge and Carnac French, but not everyone knows that the most ancient buildings of stone slabs are on the small archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean. Feature of the Maltese megaliths is that it does not separate facilities, and huge complexes, which are called cromlechs.

On the island of Gozo is the oldest stone megaliths, which, according to scientists, was elevated more than five thousand years ago. His name Ġgantija megalith was a long time ago and it means in Russian "huge". Ġgantija represents two giant stone temple, with a total back wall. All three rooms of the temple, which is said to symbolize the three states: birth, life and non-existence.

The second largest megalith Hagar Quim, is on the island of Malta, a huge tower of stone slabs rise by more than five meters above the ground. All stones used for making the tower-temples fit each other so perfectly that even the modern masters would hardly be able to do better.

The towers are used to display the movement of the sun across the sky, and at the time of the equinox the sun rays are directly on the main altar. Scientists still affects the accuracy of the calculations of the ancient builders. It was here that found the so-called Maltese Venus, a small statue of an ancient woman who is now kept in the National Museum of the country.

Gall stone temple Saflieni, unlike other temples stretches not up, and goes to 12 meters under the ground. The temple was once used as a burial place, priestess of the cult of the goddess Isis. The walls of this underground megalith painted spiral patterns, which in ancient times symbolized the rebirth and new life after death.

And this is only a small amount of ancient stone buildings that are on the islands of the Maltese archipelago.

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