Memory 69 FBAR eyes fighter

Leningrad region, Siverskij n-2 regiment fighter-bombers. Since that time. Autumn check, in my opinion.

The regiment raised the alarm. Fuss, fuss — all the usual. Take off the scout weather. Means will be flying — to the landfill at a dogfight and something else-nibudt. It has explained that this is — check. That is, each pilot flies, each aircraft produced any Problem. People started running. Need to "do not pollute!" We worked from the heart — and regiment it could really)

I served in the APS (aerofotosluzhba) Regiment — such as, "intelligence"). But we had to work with films and "Phases", which was on PCP. Because sometimes someone from our group was on PCP. From there, and looked to for information — from discussions of senior commanders and inspectors. Reported to the chief of the group, he is — in the squadron and regiment.

Like, everything was in chocolate — as long as the inspectors are satisfied.

Later, someone from the group brought — the inspectors are not satisfied with the result, it is all fine. Decide what to do …

Leonas Shopis that changed "phase" once again, said subsequent — inspected looking at another aircraft after landing tasks and gives a "chapeau" the commander of the regiment — the pilot did not release the landing gear, your actions? Commander Add a microphone, connected with the starting team Fri, through him — with the pilot: Board … go to the second round, check the landing gear! …

The verifier selects a microphone — correctly! If you commander Squadron "media" forgets the landing gear, you have one option — to shoot myself!

In short, the "eat" want our leader.

The regiment was one of the best in the Air Force. The former commander flew to Syria, it seems adviser. For it was the deputy. But someone wanted to build there "own." And in the p / n-ka Andrianov "digging." Discussions of the pilots knew it all.

And now — the moment of truth. If the pilots bombed the ice at the mouth of the river near the Archangel (if confused nothing) with no problems — the commander remains. Trading is a fucking!

The regiment was ready to task. By that time, I beg. intelligence "lost" in the PDS Regiment. There we were prepared to accept planes (not much to it) with the landing on the ice. Not on the river, of course, but in the ocean already — all closer than home. The whole regiment was plowing, like the devil, in general — as usual on the flights. And now — fly …

Bombarded specifically "media" — the principle that for sure. All the bombs went where you want! Along the way, civilians asked for — and under the bridge can be?

The question of prestige. The commander moved his brains, and decided — you can. He is flying squadron commander, to whom "dug" the inspectors.

Ice split! Townspeople clapping. I beheld pictures with SS-45 — there are people on the bridge, watching the morons! And under their flying bombs …

No problems, no accidents.
I am proud that he served in the Soviet Air Force!

Twice flown with the landing on the ice. Clearly, we only perceive (and stacked) brake parachutes, but citizens!, It's on the ice of the ocean!

As I remember, said so. God forbid today's Air Force to catch up with Russian on the fly, for use on reverence!

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