Mention of the Great Wall of China was removed from textbooks




In China, education officers have decided to rewrite school textbooks to remove from them the information that the Great Wall can be seen from space with the naked eye.

Amendments to the tutorials will be made thanks to the first Chinese astronaut Jan Liwei (Yang Liwei), who try as he might, and see the wall of the window and could not.

According to one official, "the seal of the misinformation in the textbooks for the elementary school — probably the main reason so widespread misconceptions" about the "visual features" wall.

Thus, the myth that the Great Wall of China — the only man-made object visible from orbit, should be debunked.

And as it turns out that not a single human creations from space can not see without instruments. However, the resolving power of the eye in humans with good eyesight — about 0.3 mm at a distance of a meter.

This corresponds approximately to 120 meters from a distance of 400 km (the altitude of the ISS orbit) and 60 meters from a distance of 200 km (the altitude of the orbit in many manned space flights).

Accordingly, the theory of the cosmos you can see the large buildings, promsooruzheniya, stadiums or, for example, the Egyptian pyramids. However, if sufficient contrast or color difference from the background.


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