Mexican volcano Popocatepetl awoke again


* 8/31/11 * active volcano Popocatepetl, located 40 kilometers to the southeast of the Mexican capital of Mexico City, Tuesday, and awoke again four times threw steam, gas and ash from its crater.

Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention has imposed restrictions on access to the 12-km zone around it, while adding that the risk to people in the surrounding towns do not.

According to the Interior Ministry, emissions of particles from a volcanic crater reach a height of one kilometer. Has been falling ash in several villages and towns in the state in Mexico City, and the wind picked up relates to the west and north-west. There is a possibility that in the next few hours and the ash may appear on the streets of Mexico City.

Popocatepetl, which translated from the Aztec language means "smoking mountain", is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Popocatepetl height above sea level — 5000 452 meters, the volcano is a symbol and pride of Mexico, like tequila or an eagle with a snake in its talons.


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