Mi-24 Super Hind

Mi-24 Super Hind
Refers to the latest South African modernization of the military transport Mi-24 Super Hind Mk5. This rotary-wing aircraft set a new means of communication (NATO standard) navigation equipment (inertial, Doppler Teller, GPS, radio navigation aids), system management tool, means of defense and electronic warfare, armament and rotor blades made of composite materials.
Armament control system refreshed Mi-24 received multi FLIR sighting system with integrated laser rangefinder and automatic target tracking, helmet-mounted sight system HSS and helmet-mounted sight and display system disk imaging HMSD. The range of instruments used. Now Mi-24 can be used not only NAR C-5 and C-8 Russian production, and HAP standards NATO controlled antitank missiles INGWE Mokoro and developed in South Africa and having the highest firing range 5,000 and 10,000 m respectively.

In the nose of the helicopter by South African engineers installed system with 20-mm automatic gun with bolshennymi speeds and angles pointing horizontally and vertically. According to the company ATE installed on the Mi-24 gun control system and adopt it for installation on helicopters Mi-24P with 30-mm automatic gun. In general, as a company spokesman said ATE and «Rostvertol» modernization of the Mi-24, conducted in South Africa, at least partially, but consistent with Russian developers.
New equipment of the helicopter is optimized for implementation of night vision goggles that allows you to do puzzles and fighting at night, and in adverse weather conditions. In the cockpit has two functional color monitor, which displays the map of the area and flight information.
Radius acts upgraded helicopter is about 230 km, and the highest speed exceeds 300 km / h ATE company offers services for all operators helicopter modernization of Mi-24, Mi-25 and Mi-35. According to ITAR-TASS South African company ATE negotiated the modernization of 20 helicopters Mi-24P Bulgarian Air Force, but now all the agreements were canceled.
Mi-24 Super Hind

Technical properties (Mi-24D)
Year of adopting — 1973
The diameter of the screw head — 17.3 m
Tail rotor diameter — 3.91 m
Length — 17.51 ​​m
Height — 6.5 m
Weight, kg
— Empty — 8200
— normal take-off — 11200
— maximum take-off — 12000
Internal fuel — 1500 kg + 1000 optional
PTB — 1200 (4 x 500 l)
Motor Type — 2 x GTE Klimov TV3-117
Power — 2 x 1620 kW (2 x 2220 hp)
The highest speed — 335 km / h
Cruising speed — 270 km / h
Operational range — 1000km
Range of actions — 224 km
Climb — 750 m / min
Service ceiling — 4500 m
Hovering ceiling — 1500 m
Crew — 2 + 1 (optional) people.
The desired load: up to 8 fighter or 4 stretchers

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